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While transferring a domain name to a new host is an easy 4-step process, there are quite a few caveats involved that you should know about. This blog simplifies the process for you.

What we’ll cover:

  • Important terms to know
  • 3 easy steps to transfer your domain name
  • How to gain a year (and not lose one) during the transfer process

Before we dive into the steps, let’s take a quick look at the important terms you may encounter during the domain transfer process:

Important Terms to understand:

  • Registrar: Organizations (like your web shared hosting company) that act as the sales and marketing front to a Registry and interact with end users (like you) who want to register domains
  • Registrant: You as the domain name registration owner
  • Domain Theft protection/Domain Lock (either placed by you manually or the automatic 60-day lock post domain registration)/Suspension: Features that can be enabled to ensure that your domain name remains safe from illegal transfers
  • Privacy Protection: A feature that protects personal information on Whois records (attached to your domain name) from data miners
  • Redemption Grace Period: The grace period immediately following the deletion of a domain name (generally around 60 days). This does not apply for all domain names-a few such as .AU are immediately available for purchase after deletion and do not slip into a
  • Pending Delete Status: The last stage a domain name passes through before being deleted
  • Domain Transfer Secret: When domain is transferred, the Registrar assigns it a unique code name which only you have access to in order to authorize the transfer of your domain name, if you choose to do so.
How to transfer your domain name from one host to another
How to transfer your domain name from one host to another

How to transfer domain name in 4 steps:

Step 1: Check if your domain name can be transferred

First check that your domain name has not been:

  • Registered less than  60 days ago
  • Transferred less than 60 days ago
  • Applied with a ‘Theft Protection’ / ‘Lock’ / ‘Suspension’
  • Applied with ‘Privacy Protection’
  • Is not in the ‘Redemption Grace Period’ or ‘Pending Delete’ period

There are a few exceptions to this rule for a few country code domains (eg-.au,.de,.cn,.ru,.uk,.sx,.me,.eu).

NOTE: Make sure your domain contact details are correct

All notifications regarding the transfer process will be sent to the contact details attached to your domain name so ensure they are correct. Log in to your Control Panel to update/change it if required before you initiate a transfer

Step 2: Apply for the transfer at the registrar/web host you wish to move to:

For example, if you wish to transfer to ResellerClub, all you need to do is :

  1. Locate your Domain (Transfer) Secret in your control panel (if you unable to find it, contact the support team)
  2. Select the ‘transfer button’
  3. Pay the charges accordingly

For more information, read through our knowledge base article.

Step 3: Confirm the transfer with the new Registrar

After you have applied for the transfer, you will receive an email from the new Registrar confirming the transfer you initiated.

  1. Submit the Transfer Code
  2. Select an ‘approve’ button or similar confirmation action

NOTE: You must approve the transfer within 5 days. (If you do not do so, the Registrar will assume that you do not wish to proceed with the transfer).

Step 4: Confirm the transfer with your former Registrar

Once you have approved the transfer, your current Registrar will be notified of the transfer and will in turn send you an email confirming the transfer order. Approve the email accordingly.

A good tip to not lose a year in the transfer process:

If your domain name expires, it enters into a period for 45 days known as the ‘Auto Renew Period’. If you happen to renew your domain name with your current registrar and then try and transfer it to the gaining registrar, you will lose the year that was added with the renewal of your domain with the current registrar.

If you aren’t too happy with your web host and want to transfer your domain name away, transfer your domain name to ResellerClub. Our Domain Reseller Program has been helping web professionals around the world start and run their own domain and hosting business for over 10 years.

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