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In November 2016, hackers attacked a US state government website and caused systems to crash for a few weeks. The Indiana county website struggled to get their systems running again in spite of having a backup of their website. Why? All their website data was backed up on their own computer network.

The most secure way to fix a website that has been hacked and injected with malware is to restore it from the most recent backup prior to the attack.What was the first plan of action post this attack?  Store the backup of their data at off-site locations.

An estimated 37,000 websites are hacked around the world every single day

“An estimated 37,000 websites are hacked around the world every single day”.


Why have a website backup?

While website protection solutions can help keep a site secure, you can sleep more soundly at night knowing you had a Plan B should the worst happen. Also, a website may also be in danger of many other factors like human error, environmental disasters, etc. Thus, having a backup of a website and storing it in an off-site location is absolutely essential today.

5 ways your website can die

With a backup available, a website can be up and running in no time-ensuring no loss in traffic, the preservation of your client’s reputation and no loss or disruptions in marketing campaign or costs.

What kind of website backup to choose?

While there are several ways to backup a website, as noted in the case above, local backups are ineffective-not to mention time-consuming.  We highly recommend that you encourage your clients to use an online backup service.

An online backup service will alert you immediately to any change made to your website. This ensures that your website is not being used as a part of a hacker’s scheme –to store data temporarily, spread malware, phish, spam, etc.

ResellerClub has been offering a online backup service called CodeGuard to our customers for the last 2 years and we can guarantee its effectiveness.

What would your clients like about CodeGuard?

    • It is easy to use and requires very little user intervention post initial setup.
    • Backups can be taken daily, weekly, monthly or never.
    • Your client can schedule when those backups are to run.
    • Your clients will get  notifications whenever changes are made to their website data.
    • They can restore their website or database to any previous backup version.
  • Most importantly, their website files will be encrypted using industry-leading AES 256 bit techniques and stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

How to backup a website with CodeGuard?

Your clients will find that backing up their website with CodeGuard is a fairly simple 3-step process. All they need to do is:

1. Connect their website to CodeGuard

The first step is to just connect a website with CodeGuard servers.

backup a website to CodeGuard

CodeGuard requires the URL of the website to be added, the FTP or SFTP server, the client’s username and password, and the port number.

2. Choose the files they wish to backup

Choose website files to be backed up with codeguard

The number of files to be backed up need to be multi-selected or just the root file selected to backup the entire website. The time taken for the initial backup would depend on the size of a website. After this first website backup, subsequent backups will not take long. After a website is added, any new files or directories added later  to a site will automatically be backed up. CodeGuard will only exclude files and directories that are not selected when a website is added.

3. Set their preferred settings

CodeGuard website backup settings

Set rules for subsequent backup dates, times, notifications etc.

That’s it. Your clients can rest easy.

The Bonus:

Along with their backup services, CodeGuard also provides you with its own Malware cleanup tool called ‘MalwareGone’ that will automatically  scan, identify and fix any malware present on your website including viruses,trojans, protecting you from hackers out to steal customer information, money, passwords, etc.

Get CodeGuard for your customers today and guarantee them easy website backups and uninterrupted services!

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