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How to Manage Resource Usage After Merging cPanel Accounts in Reseller Hosting 

Reseller Hosting is a highly profitable web hosting solution that allows you to earn a huge profit without spending too much money. It allows individuals to start their own web hosting business and sell customized and unique hosting solutions to their clients at a highly competitive rate. 

The biggest advantage of this hosting solution is that you need to worry about investing in a huge capital for hardware and software requirements or possess high skills and technical expertise. The parent web hosting provider mostly manages the server maintenance and other back-end tasks, making it convenient and efficient for a Hosting Reseller. 

Although anyone can start a web Reseller Hosting business, it is important to manage the client’s hosting plans, reseller accounts, billing, and other factors effectively to run and grow your business into a successful hosting venture. 

Importance of Managing Resource Usage 

To run your hosting business efficiently and ensure each client’s website is running smoothly, you need to monitor the resource usage, such as disk space, CPU, memory, bandwidth, etc., on your customer’s or client’s reseller accounts. 

You can monitor these resources and their individual usage through a Web Host Manager (WHM) to ensure each user utilizes their fair share of allocated resources and nothing more or less. 

Every client will have varying resource usage and requirements depending on their web Hosting Reseller plans and other website needs and requirements. Therefore, you need to ensure that clients utilize the resources within the allocated limits. 

Reaching the limits and leveraging resources beyond it can cause other processes and other client’s websites to slow down, resulting in performance degradation, lags, and downtimes. In addition, such performance issues result in customer dissatisfaction, hampering business credibility and reliability. 

In addition, cPanel is now charging more for cPanel licenses, making the reseller accounts monitoring and careful resource usage limit planning in Reseller Hosting with cPanel more important than ever. 

But worry not! You can monitor your client’s resource usage effectively using the strategies mentioned below. 

How to Manage Client’s Resource Usage After Merging cPanel Accounts? 

One of the most common strategies used by Hosting Resellers is to merge cPanel accounts to minimize cPanel license costs. 

However, merging cPanel accounts can lead to potential issues and problems in the future, including reseller accounts pushing and expanding beyond their resource limits. This issue can even lead to an account suspension if that account’s usage is extreme and over-exaggerating. 

To prevent such performance and account suspension issues and keep them under control, you can implement the following strategies for your Reseller Hosting business: 

  • Communicating with your clients 
  • Careful monitoring 
  • Updating or upgrading accounts 

Let us have an in-depth look at each one of these strategies mentioned above. 

  1. Communicating with your clients

When you intend and plan to merge cPanel accounts into one single account to reduce cPanel license costs, you need to be prepared and aware of the usage behaviour of each of the accounts. 

You need to reassess the resource usage of the newly merged accounts once you merge them into a single account. Making sure that the merged account’s limits can effectively handle the resource usage is crucial from your end, even if it might take a few days to do so.  

You need to let your users and account holders know about the resource limits and usage levels and help them understand where they stand with the usage limits. Sending timely notifications and alerts to your clients can save a lot of time, effort, money and prevent several resource usage issues. 

  1. Careful monitoring 

Monitoring your website’s usage should be the primary concern and focus if you are a Hosting Reseller. 

As you merge your cPanel accounts, you will have to be especially careful of the resource usage by each of your clients. 

On a Shared Server, a reseller administrator can view the account resource usage based on the bandwidth and disk space in WHM. 

  • WHM -> View Bandwidth Usage: Enables you to view the bandwidth utilized by each account. 
  • WHM -> List Accounts: Enables you to view the amount of disk space in use. 

If you use either a Dedicated or a VPS Server, you can view much more information, such as data transfer usage, memory usage, and more. 

Thus, monitoring and keeping track of resource usage will help keep your clients happy and satisfied and prevent problems and issues related to your hosting account. 

  1. Updating or upgrading accounts 

As your cPanel accounts grow in functionality and size, you will have to upgrade or update your account based on the resources available and used in your account. 

You need to consider and ask yourself questions like, do you need an account upgrade, and if you do, do you have the required budget for it? In addition, you will need to consider if the upgrade will affect the cost for all your customers, and more.

Summing Up

Merging your cPanel accounts into a single cPanel account can have significant issues that must be addressed quickly before affecting your customer’s website performance. 

To avoid resource usage limit issues, you must communicate with your clients well in advance, monitor and manage Reseller Hosting accounts, and, if required, update or upgrade the accounts per business needs and requirements. 

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