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Web hosting is a booming industry that’s exponentially growing in the past few years because of the increased number of businesses creating an online presence. As a result, every business today requires a web hosting service to support their online availability and stand out from the competition. 

Reseller Hosting is the right choice if you’re looking for ways to tap into this industry and make profits. 

Reseller Hosting is a great way to start your web hosting business and sell competitive web hosting services to your clients. While it’s quite straightforward to start as a Hosting Reseller—the real challenge is scaling your business, attracting new clients, and making more money.  

This article discusses the best tips to help you scale your Web Hosting Reseller business and make it stand out from other hosting companies. Let’s go!  

Understanding Reseller Hosting 

Before getting into the article’s meat, let’s first understand what Reseller Hosting is. 

Reseller Hosting is a website hosting solution that allows you to purchase bulk web hosting plans from a parent web hosting provider and sell those plans to your clients at a highly competitive rate. 

As a Hosting Reseller, you must invest in a huge infrastructure, manage and maintain hardware, or possess the high technical knowledge to run your business. Instead, the web hosting company handles the infrastructure and backend administration, while you just need to manage your business website and clients. 

Besides, Reseller Web Hosting also comes with intuitive tools, like cPanel, WHM, and WHMCS, that facilitate website management, client account management, and billing and invoicing for your business. 

So, if it’s easy to start your hosting venture, how do you ensure business growth and scalability? Let’s find out. 

Tips To Scale Your Reseller Hosting Business And Make More Money

Every business requires strong foundational research, goals, and support. 

Here are a few brilliant tips that will help you build a strong business foundation—making it easier to scale and do a successful business in the future. 

1. Choose a reliable web hosting provider

The more reliable and secure your parent web hosting company is, the higher the chances your Reseller Hosting business will succeed. 

The hosting company you buy Reseller Hosting plans from must offer high-quality servers, a high uptime guarantee (at least 99.99%), best-in-class server security, and round-the-clock expert customer and technical support. 

Since the hosting company handles the server infrastructure and manages the maintenance, ensuring maximum reliability is the key. In turn, it’ll also help you deliver a quality customer experience and support to your clients—building your brand integrity and credibility. 

2. Pick a solid and relevant business niche

Since so many long-term players in the market offer inclusive hosting services, catering to every business’s needs—offering all hosting services will make it difficult for you to stand out and attract clients. 

Thus, it’s important to pick a suitable niche and target a select group of clients to build niche expertise and attract a more niche audience to your business. For instance, you can target WordPress websites, local businesses, or even freelance bloggers and cater to their needs to build your business credibility and expertise. 

3. Design custom web hosting packages

Once you pick a niche, creating custom, unique, and personalised web hosting packages that suit your niche clients is the best way to scale your business and make money. 

Reseller Hosting lets you tweak hosting plans and offer custom services using tools like Web Host Manager (WHM)—and sell plans that best suit your audience’s needs and requirements. This also helps spread positive word of mouth and attract more clients to your Web Hosting Reseller business. 

4. Build a marketing strategy

Talking about your web hosting business and services through an efficient promotional and marketing strategy is the key to business scalability. 

Several ways and channels to market your business include leveraging social media platforms, running email marketing campaigns, creating advertising banners, and investing in Google Ads. 

For instance, you can find the platforms your target audience uses the most and talk about your services, business, expertise in the field, experience, and even solve people’s grievances. It’ll help you build a strong social media presence, enhance your brand’s reliability, and make your business account a lead magnet—attracting potential clients. 

5. Offer excellent customer service

Lastly, you don’t want your clients to leave because of a poor customer service experience. So, it’s important to offer your clients quality, 24/7, responsive, and reliable customer support and help them resolve their queries effectively. 

Round-the-clock customer service will keep your existing clients happy, but it can also become your brand’s Unique Selling Point (USP)—boosting positive customer reviews and ratings and helping you scale your business easily. 


Building a thriving Reseller Hosting business isn’t as difficult as it sounds. 

You just need to ensure that you choose the right web hosting company, know your business goals, know your niche and target audience, and sell your clients the best, custom, and reliable hosting services. 

Suppose you require help with the tips mentioned above or start your Reseller Hosting business. In that case, you can contact us at ResellerClub, and we’ll help remove any roadblocks you face with building your hosting venture. 

You can also check our Reseller Hosting services to find a plan that best fits your business’s needs and goals. Good luck! 

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