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If you have a website, then as a brand, reseller, or affiliate you might have reached a point of stagnation when it comes to getting the sales and the revenue you are looking for. Periodically, you must have seen some ups and downs through the season and you know that the cyclicity to sales from your website needs to reach a new high. In short, you are looking for that much-needed boost that blasts your sales and revenue charts through the roof.

This is very much possible if you can up your discount and coupon code game. Is that even possible? Sure it is. If you read this report by INMAR intelligence, it states that more than 83% of shoppers feel that discounts and coupons are responsible for a positive change in consumer behaviour. Since discounts and coupons lead to sales and revenue generation, one cannot ignore the ways its use can be implemented to drive benefits for their online business, their brand, or their website. But the question here remains, how to find a new set of customers that will drive these sales through discount websites and coupon codes?

With this article, we will deep dive into how you can find new customers using discount websites, coupon codes for web hosting, and more. We will also touch upon the benefits of using discount coupons and how you as a business or a reseller who is hosting reseller plans, can leverage their power to maximize sales and revenue generation. So if you are ready to understand how you can acquire new customers by tapping into discount websites and web hosting coupon codes, look no further and start penning down these pointers. 

Are web hosting coupon codes and discount websites really beneficial?

This could be a question still looming inside your mind, but allow us to tell you that according to a report by Valassis, customers feel empowered with the need to purchase when they see discount coupons. It definitely does not make the brand or the business look cheaper. In fact, it does just the opposite. Here are some key benefits of discount websites and coupon codes for businesses, brands, resellers, and affiliates:

  1. They help you earn customer loyalty in the long run- Customer loyalty is a big deal for any business or brand. This is because you have repeat buyers who would buy only from you. After all, you are offering them something no one else does. Let us assume that discounts is one compromise that is getting broken in a case where you and your competitor are the only choices remaining when it comes to making a purchase decision. Then, you will see that one who gives a bigger discount ends up getting the sale too. If the consumer understands that you give large discounts, greater the chances of them coming back to you. 

  1. Increases customer acquisition- The one thing you are looking for is getting new customers, right? With web hosting coupon codes and discounts, you are bound to attract new customers who are looking for a better deal. Anyone who gets a better deal will at least check out the website of the brand and see whether it fits their budget or not. So, ideally, discounts websites if chosen properly will give your brand and your business a very big boost. 

  1. Betters the conversion rate for your site- This one just becomes obvious right? More the number of coupon and discount websites you add as channels, the better the traffic and the more the conversion rate. Choice of coupon and discount websites is critical here. Hence, to ensure that your conversions are better, ensure that the websites you track for discount coupons are the best in the business. 

That sounds great! So how does one make the most of these websites and coupon codes to find new customers? 

Partly, as we said, the trick lies in tapping the right websites. But which ones to ta[p and how? Allow us to make you aware of the types of discount websites that exist- 

  1. Coupon forums and aggregator sites- You might have seen or heard about forum sites. Essentially, these are communities where people post or talk about topical stuff that is related to the community. You can post your brand’s coupons in one of these forums, but be sure that you have read all the rules of the forum and that you adhere to them. Also, you have coupon aggregators in the market, that sort coupons from a brand and category perspective. These sites usually get high traffic and your brand is likely to get more visibility, clicks, and hence sales conversion from such sites. To ensure promotion for your brand or your business, tie-up with such sites and get a good deal where you can send newsletters, promo material through these sites by offering a good commission as barter. That will sort a new channel for you and a stream of new customers. 

  1. Curated coupon sites-  As the name suggests, this website offers more than just a list of discounts and coupons that users can use. Editors of curated websites with coupons check not only the discounts given but also the quality of the goods on offer and the reliability of the stores selling them. These websites are sometimes generic but often focus on a specific category, such as consumer electronics or fashion.

  1. Bloggers and influencers- For some coupon blogs with millions of readers, working with a coupon blogger has great potential to bring in new customers to your website. Coupons are often advertised through content such as product listings and reviews. Popular coupon blogs are Hip2Save and Coupon Pro. Likewise, having general influencers or bloggers in your niche is a great way to cover your brand there – from people who have organic relationships who are deeply committed to their followers. Suitable influential people can be found through many such platforms.

Just a few do’s and don’ts here. Before you dive into any of these sites, just make sure that the site fits well with your brand, business, and your marketing strategy. In case your nice is truly  unique, coupons may not be the best way going forward. 

One this you really must remember is that, if you choose any of these sites, you should have your own unique coupon code so that you can track the traffic and sales coming from these sites so that you can attribute the performance for this activity. Any discount website, affiliate aggregating site, or coupon website needs their commissions and one way to track this at both ends is the code that helps both parties understand that a sale or a conversion has taken place. 

But how do we know which website to choose? 

You need to be careful while choosing the right site because some of them could be spammy or flaky. So, how do you separate the chaff from the grain? Here are a few points that will help you to understand this better:

a) Watch out for websites with shoddy content. Some of these sites often over-promise numbers and give eye-boggling figures so that you sign up with them. Be wary of such sites. 

b) One of the major aspects is if a website does not give you a coupon code box to fill in, or even a promo code entry box, avoid them totally. 

c) Also, if the navigation of the site and overall design looks off, avoid such a site altogether.

Apart from this, do a check on Similarweb and Ahrefs concerning domain authority, page authority, monthly traffic on the site, and such metrics. These SEO metrics will help you define your own metrics and also the legitimacy of the websites. 

Some closing points you should remember

Now that you know how to find new customers and what needs to be done, also understand how to make the most of the coupons so that your sales rocket through the roof. Just a few pointers that will make a huge difference:

  • Define the parameters of your coupons. Figure out what’s standard in your industry so that you can understand what customers can pay for so that you make profits. Use your search engine and SEO tools like Ahrefs or some such for this research. Understand different discount types. Understand how they benefit the customers. Some can be bundled discounts, some can be volume-based discounts, some can also be prepaid or buy one get one free kind of a discount. The point is to understand what can work best for your customer to make your coupon an attractive proposition for them. 
  • Keep a track of all the affiliate coupons that you will distribute throughout the affiliate network so that it is easy for you to assess which sites are performing for you and which aren’t so that you can optimize the coupon offerings or even your affiliate budget. 
  • Create effective coupons that convert. The best way to do this is to keep its communication i.e. ad copy short and snappy. Capture the essence in terms of benefits in short and make the design look good so that it stands out. Another trick is to give the end date so that it creates a sense of urgency for the coupon. This helps you get more clicks to the site for sure. 

In all, this is an exercise in making your affiliate funnel wide and then narrowing it down to quality as per the affiliate networks, and discount websites that you find that are suitable for your business. Conversions can then get better as you provide better incentives and discounts to your customers.

With this, we hope that you have understood how to find new customers using discount websites and coupon codes. If you have any questions about this, you can leave them in the comments sections below or even give us feedback for the same. Till then, keep reading and keep building business through your websites!

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