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Over a period of time, you must have seen how YouTube as a platform has grown with different types of content creators putting up videos for various purposes. Some inform, some entertain, some enable you to decide whereas some motivate you. The truth of the matter is these videos, across genres, hit home because the YouTuber him/herself believes in that content and wants to convey something important to us through these videos. 

With time as the platform grew, I saw that brands started taking notice of this and tapped into this marketing model to make Youtubers affiliates for their brand because these YouTubers had the power to convince, influence, and cater to a niche the brand was into. These niches were categorical, behavioral, demographical, or at times purely based on interest. This is why YouTube became a channel for affiliate marketing and most importantly, a platform where the brand, the affiliate, and the customer buying the product from an affiliate benefited for the long term.

Hence, with this article, I would like to share some tips and tactics as to how you as a YouTuber can make the best out of the platform and YouTube videos for Affiliate Marketing. You will learn how I could reach almost 1 million subscribers, and more than 100 million views across 700+ videos and earn revenue as an affiliate by talking about various topics such as web hosting, technical gadgets, mobile phones, cameras, digital marketing, and so on.

In addition to this, you will also understand what a brand expects from you in the content and how you can talk to your niche audience and make money without making your video too preachy and by sticking to what you want to say. 

Tips to Make the Most out of Your YOUTUBE Videos for Affiliate Marketing

You may have a good number of videos that cover various topics but you feel that it’s not reaching enough people. So the obvious thought would be if it isn’t reaching enough people then how will you make money as an affiliate, right? To arrive at that we need to figure out why are people on YouTube? I figured that they are here to- 

  • Enjoy what they like
  • Learn more about something they want to do
  • Figure out how to do something
  • Decide which product to buy after making a firm decision.

As an affiliate, if you are to give users something valuable, here are some tips and strategies that will make your YouTube video content count. So, here goes.

a) Curate your content right- Content curation is very important for YouTube videos when it comes to affiliate marketing. Essentially it means that you arrange the content you create as per the needs and demands of the users so that any user or YouTube viewer they are guided in a particular direction to consume your content. This makes information easier to give to a user and also as a result of this, he or she is more likely to subscribe to your channel and come back for your niche content and finally buy the products you are selling as an affiliate. 

Also, not to forget, consistency in creating content is key. I learnt this through experience. In the last 4 years, I have been creating videos on many topics such as mobiles, gadgets, general knowledge etc. because I would read about these topics quite regularly, maintain a database of their files and recreate them into videos to share my knowledge and experience. This not only helped create better content but also curate content that hits home with my audience. Another big advantage of doing so is that with practice, you will be able to break down a big topic into smaller topics and create different versions of the same topic.

b) Make discovery easy for users- For anyone searching for content, Google is the go-to platform and then YouTube. For your users to discover your channel/content on YouTube or through Google you should make use of the right keywords. These keywords can be done after thorough research on Google’s tool – Google KeyWord planner. Optimize the heading, content, and video description with these keywords and you will start seeing a major difference (this is just basic SEO). Traffic on your videos will increase and your user base and subscription will boost as well. This is a clear win for you as an affiliate and also the brand because it allows them to cater to more users and eventually sell their product through your channel.

The best part about a platform like YouTube is that it allows you to search for videos in many languages, which includes Hindi also. So, you can also optimize your content for Hindi keywords in the title and description. For example, when I wanted to make users understand how to backup data for android phones and reach Hindi speaking regions, I used the title “how to app backup in android | एक क्लिक में सबकुछ वापस पायें”. Since I used the right title in Hindi and English, I could reach a large audience (over 1.3 million views and still counting). So, you see my point here. You can experiment and explore with language as long as you know your target audience and get results. 

c) Create unique content that is of actual value to users- Now this is something where you need to do a lot more research. Creating unique content is as easy as it is difficult. But if you are creating unique content as an affiliate on YouTube, then you need to understand that you will need to create content that has a stamp of authority and uniqueness. This can be done by understanding what your audience likes and what they are exploring. Put yourself into their shoes and find out. 

You can create content that talks to them about making the best use of a product. You can do ‘how-to videos’ or ‘product reviews’, brand mentions, or even do ‘best of 10’ or ‘best of 5’ to help users understand the brand or product better. In addition to this, you can also get into the ‘why buy’ zone where you as an affiliate, through your YouTube channel talk about why a particular product is a clear win in the category.

This type of content will give you traction (with some basic SEO) and help brands and also users that you know how to give reviews for a product. One of the best ways of doing this is testing the product yourself so that you get a first-hand experience and talk about its pros and cons. This will build and improve your authority in your category. 

d) Thumbnails, Titles, and professional descriptions- As an affiliate, all these aspects must be taken into consideration because this is also responsible for driving sales. Based on the search intent of the prospect/customer, your video will feature in the search list. But what will make the user click is the usage of thumbnails, titles, and right descriptions written that will make you look and sound like a professional. I use the word professional because then the user takes you seriously and your word is taken as verbatim. For instance, you can check out Amit Mishra for Indian or Hindi based videos, Kevin David and Stefan James (Project Life Mastery) for their use of images and titles that grab attention. These videos will give you a complete understanding of how you can make your videos look and sound professional.


All these aspects are key when we talk about making the best out of YouTube for affiliate marketing. You can also join an affiliate program once all these checks and balances are in place for your YouTube content. 

You can also make the most of your YouTube channel by signing up for ResellerClub’s Affiliate Marketing program which will allow you to sell and promote their web hosting products. You can choose from a total of 800+ products and promote their offers from your YouTube channel to earn heft commissions over the whole year. 

Additionally, you can get your dashboard along with promotional assistance such as marketing collateral where you won’t have to invest a dime out of your pocket. We hope that you have enjoyed reading how you can make the most out of a YouTube channel for affiliate marketing. If you have any feedback for me, please leave the same in the comments section below.

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Article contributed by: Technical Yogi

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