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As a reseller hosting provider who has just about started the business, you may have begun on a good note but perhaps, now you have started experiencing some bumps on the way. This is inevitable, especially when you have a limited understanding of the business or perhaps there are some gaps in your business plan. 

As several top reseller hosting facilitators take the plunge to be one of the best online businesses, failures are an inevitable part of this long road. However, what separates the ones who quit from the ones who sustain as a reseller hosting business is that they are able to come back from these setbacks. If you are in the hosting business or in the reselling business online, and you want to keep going, this article is just for you. With this article, we want to tell the reseller hosting community how they can still be successful in the business after facing failures. We will also talk about the common areas of failures to which resellers don’t pay enough attention and how to overcome them with consistent efforts and planning. So, without further delay, here goes.

Reasons people fail at reseller hosting business and how to overcome these failures

1. Not deciding the right target segment

As a top reseller hosting provider, you first need to decide your target segment. One of the significant errors made by numerous new resellers is that they don’t zero in on a solitary designated crowd or a target segment, in marketing terms. Still, they start reaching various customer prospects who they think can be their potential customers from various platforms by utilizing various mediums and channels. Subsequently, they “accept” that they are trying sincerely, however, truth be told, this “difficult work” brings exceptionally low returns that are not even economically viable.

How can you overcome this failure? 

Choosing your target audience relies on different boundaries. In any case, you should initially choose the segment that you might want to zero in on. 

• As a guideline, it is smarter to begin pitching reasonable plans like shared hosting plans as they are for the most part liked by the new companies and SMEs, the two areas whose only concern is cost. 

• Unlike the huge corporate houses, they are not extremely overbearing or explicit in their hosting necessities. Subsequently, you don’t need to contribute numerous assets or extensive time on help/support issues. It can likewise help you in holding such customers for a long time and keep successful customer relations.

2. Not using content marketing in an optimal way 

Another mix-up made by the new web hosting resellers is to disregard the force of content showcasing or not utilizing it in an ideal way. Large numbers of top reseller hosting facilitators deny the utilization of content for promoting while the others utilize content just to follow their competitors. Instead of understanding the full significance of the same and creating a solid and their own unique content marketing strategy, most of the resellers get into copy-pasting content that other brands provide.

How can you do it the correct way? 

It is absolutely true that only the content that is valued by your customers can up your odds of selling the web hosting packages to the ideal target segment. Nonetheless, you need to focus on the nature of the content and follow the best content marketing strategies that work out. 

• While having your organization’s blog positively offers you SEO benefits, you should try to do legit research about your customers’ priorities before posting blogs on the website. 

• These are simply the 3 significant inquiries to pose before you choose to compose or post a blog: a) Is the content going to add any value to the user b) what kind of searches and keywords are my customer doing over a period of time and c) how and where am I going to market the content across the internet so that my customers find this.

3. Not having a sharp sense of technical understanding

Many hosting resellers believe that they are only “resellers” and hence, they don’t have to trouble themselves with high levels of technical information about web hosting or domain names. It becomes evident and your customers start noticing that if you don’t have the technical understanding of your hosting packages, they will stop trusting you as a reseller hosting provider. And gradually move on to another service provider. This can be woeful, right?

How can you overcome this in the correct way? 

You should genuinely attempt to augment your insights and understanding about the web hosting industry and the technical understanding if you need to have an advantage over your competitors. It can likewise help you in becoming an enduring brand and accomplishing in building a devoted community that prefers your brand over others. 

The internet has enlightened everyone with information. Today, customers love to research specialized components such as memory, disk space, uptime, bandwidth, and so on before they choose to buy a web hosting plan. Truth be told,  genuine customers would initially check for correct pricing on the web by visiting different important stages like web hosting communities, web hosting publications & reports, and so forth and afterward contact the ones that appear to hold nice specialized plans. So if you want to have an edge over your competitors, this is what you can do-

• Once you acquire decent information about the web hosting industry, you can begin your own blog and compose insightful and informational posts about less touched upon topics around the web hosting industry. 

• During this time frame, you may likewise have to take help from specialists and domain-level experts to ensure that you ought to compose the substance that is truly useful for the customer’s perusal.

• Some of the themes that are most perused or appreciated by potential web hosting customers are a) Troubleshooting b) How to’s, guides, explainers, etc. c) business and sustainability tips.

4. Not using direct selling through digital channels 

While the facts really confirm that content marketing can help you in an incredible way in advanced marketing endeavors, you can’t prevent proficiency from getting direct online marketing. This is especially for those with the primary aim of contacting the potential customer who is as of now searching for the hosting administration that you are selling. Not many hosting resellers utilize the digital channels in the right manner and that restricts the profitability of their business endeavors. This is a perfect recipe for failure.

How might you do it the correct way? 

Apart from Facebook advertising, online communities are the best place to discover your main customers who are searching for the items that you are selling. Google for the best web hosting communities and magazines or magazines and publications accessible on the internet and register yourself as a part of it.

• Develop a habit of reading around educational and related articles from online web hosting magazines with noteworthy points and case studies. It will help you broaden your thinking and sharpen your acumen about the web hosting industry. 

• Most of the communities have separate forums for beginners. In case you are a beginner you can join that segment and begin cooperating with more experienced individuals to provide your insights about the web hosting industry, in the meantime begin making your organization a part of the discussion. 

• Once you believe that you have acquired a good amount of information, then, at that point, you can begin going through the marketplace for customers who are hoping to purchase new facilitating plans or change their web hosting provider. 

• You can get in touch with them straightforwardly and unquestionably to pitch your servers. Write an impressive and powerful sales pitch to close the deal to guarantee that it should leave the right effect.


If you observe these pointers, you might feel that you did start off right but somewhere things started falling out and you can’t point exactly where. This happens with everyone and it’s absolutely okay. The good part is that now you are aware of where and why you were failing and what you can do to avert such situations. We understand that there can be failures around several aspects but these are the most common ones. Please feel free to share your own experiences in the comments section below. We will reply with a solution as to how you can overcome those problems too. 

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