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Imagine this — You open your email inbox and are (un)welcomed by numerous emails. You recognize some, but some seem unknown, vague, and even malicious. There’s an email from sam1223@gmail.com  that is confirming an order you may have placed and there’s another email from abc@furniturecentral.com that too claims to be about an order you placed. 

Without even opening the email you know whether or not you placed an order from ‘Furniture Central’, but can you be so sure about a random email from a Gmail account — you’re most likely to delete or ignore that without even opening it. 

If you’re wondering how does email hosting work, that’s just one of the many benefits — it raises brand recall. 

So, what is email hosting? 

Simply put, it is a service that allows you to send, store, and receive emails on the server, provided by a professional hosting provider. Unlike free email service providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo and more, with an email hosting service you can set up a professional email address that incorporates your domain name. For example, if you run an e-commerce store, www.furniturecentral.com, your email address can be customerservice@furniturecentral.com. 

That said, apart from creating a strong brand recall, email hosting allows you to create a stronger brand identity, improves business scalability, boosts email security, allows better integration with other necessary tools, and many more benefits come in with professional email hosting. 

How does email hosting work

With email hosting, you don’t just get a server to host your emails but also bring in additional solutions to better scale your business. These solutions include features that enable secure authentication, re-routing and replication of your emails, management of user domain names, and more.  

An email service provider provides you with a server that acts as a trusted link between your email server and the receiver’s email server. When you send an email, it gets routed between the two servers, to ensure smooth delivery and transportation of your email. This adds greater security to your emails, thus eliminating the risks of spam and viruses. With email hosting, you have an added layer of security when sending sensitive information over emails, minimizing the risk of data breaches, or theft. Professional email servers are equipped with industry encryption, ensuring the transfer of data is completely encrypted and an unauthorized party cannot access it.

Additionally, with professional email hosting, you can always rely on better uptime. You can avoid critical communication errors, and communicate in a quick and timely manner. This is increasingly important for businesses who may regularly send and receive communication from customers that require immediate attention. 

Why Does Your Business Need Email Hosting?

When you think about email hosting there are two critical factors to consider: Brand Identity and Security. 

Building a strong brand identity is critical to making an impact in this fast-growing digital world. With almost all industries and businesses going digital, it takes more than just great products and services to get noticed. Customers trust brands they recognize and resonate with. With email hosting, you can create a professional and recognizable impact, from the word go! 

More importantly, customers value security and more importantly value brands that offer complete security. Email communication has taken over many traditional forms of communication, and as a business, you want to ensure it remains safe and secure, no matter how sensitive the information being communicated may be. This helps you build credibility and reliability for your business. Email encryption, offered by professional email service providers, ensures that all data communicated through emails stay secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorised parties. 

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Make an Impact With Professional Email Hosting

With email hosting you can stay connected with your customers, clients, employees and any professional network — no matter where you are. You can be sure of safe and secure communication. 

It will make it easy for your email receivers to recognize you in their inbox, and build a brand recall that builds credibility.  With email hosting, you make that perfect ‘first impression’ that lasts. Choose an email service provider that understands your needs, and provides you with a solution that allows you to communicate, grow and succeed. 

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