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The importance of creating and maintaining robust backups is not lost on anyone who’s been working in the storage industry for a while. Hard disks fail, data can be stolen, you or someone working for your business may have deleted important data accidentally — there are endless ways in which people lose data. 

While it’s important to do everything that you can to never lose data, it’s equally important to have a robust contingency plan in case you do. Creating and maintaining backups is an important part of your overall data redundancy plan. 

The need for automating this process via a cloud application like CodeGuard arises because of several reasons. The first is the fact that creating backups manually, repeatedly, comprehensively is incredibly time-consuming. What’s more, humans are bound to make mistakes. 

Then there’s storage. Depending on the type of backup you choose to take, you might have to spend a lot on just storing these backups. Yes, you can periodically delete older backups, but even then, you’re looking at a significant investment into storage. 

Finally, you’ll also have to maintain these backups. You’ll have to spend time and energy to create backups, store them, file them methodically, and create pathways to restore these backups easily for whenever you may end up needing them. 

This is where cloud-based automated backup applications like CodeGuard come into the picture. 

What is CodeGuard?

CodeGuard is an application that automatically takes and maintains backups of all your website data without any human interference. In case of loss of data, you can retrieve data not more than a day older than your original copy with no hassle. 

How does CodeGuard work?

When you install CodeGuard, the software scans your website and all your website data. Once this is done, it performs what is termed as an ‘Initial Backup’. This initial backup is the first backup file of your website. 

During the initial backup, the structure of your website is analyzed and your credentials are verified. Once this is done, CodeGuard creates a git repository for your website, encrypts all your website data, and transfers it to a cloud server. 

After the initial backup is completed, CodeGuard uses the incremental backup method to create subsequent backups of your website. 

The incremental backup method is a process where you copy all the data when you’re taking a backup for the first time(initial backup). Once this is done, you scan the data periodically to check for changes. Whenever there’s a change, you make the same changes to your initial backup file as well, thus ensuring that your backups are updated. 

Of course, with CodeGuard, you don’t have to do any of this. The software does all of this automatically. 

Advantages of CodeGuard

  1. Daily website tracking

As mentioned earlier, an incremental backup method uses periodic scans of the original data to update the backup. When you lose the data, you get the most recent backup. So, it’s natural that you need to take as many backups as possible. 

This is where CodeGuard excels. It scans your website every day to see if there are any changes. Whenever there’s a change, the backup is updated. So, in case you do lose data, your backup is never older than a day, meaning that there’s very little chance of losing any data. 

This is one of the most important reasons for CodeGuard’s effectiveness and success. 

  1. Complete automation of the backup process

This is, of course, the most important advantage that CodeGuard has to offer. With CodeGuard, you simply don’t have to worry about your backups. 

When you install CodeGuard, you’ll need to verify your credentials and ask it to take an initial backup. That is pretty much all that you need to do. Once the initial backup is done, CodeGuard will automatically scan your website, create backups, and even delete old backup files. 

CodeGuard will also attach a date and time stamp to each backup file created. So, if you ever want to check how recent a backup file is, you can do so easily. Another advantage of having date and time stamps is data recovery. 

If you know that the introduction of a particular piece of data (say, software) caused you to lose your data, you don’t have to restore the latest version of your website. Instead, you can choose an older version that does not have the malicious program installed. 

  1. Robust storage and safety

CodeGuard uses the state-of-the-art S3 (Simple Storage Service) offering from Amazon Web Services to store all your website data. Given that CodeGuard stores on AWS S3, all your data is automatically encrypted with an AES-256 bit key, making your data completely secure. 

For an added layer of protection, all your website data is stored across multiple locations. There’s little to no dependency on any single copy of data.

  1. It’s economical

CodeGuard is a paid service but it still works out to be the more economical option when you consider the alternative of having to create backups manually and store them offline. 

You’ll need to create multiple copies and store them in different pieces of hardware. This costs money. What’s more, you may end up paying someone to do all this for you. 

With CodeGuard, there’s no dependency on anyone and your backups are always stored safely, in multiple locations, saving you both time and money. 


Cloud-based automatic website backup tools like CodeGuard are a great way to make your business more efficient. CodeGuard is automatic, economical, and safe, meaning that you never have to worry about your backups again. Another seal of approval for software like CodeGuard is the fact that it’s been adopted by popular hosting companies. 

Leading web hosting companies now offer native support for CodeGuard. The advantage is obvious, of course. Not only do you get a great backup service, but with leading hosting companies, you get reliable hosting too. 

You can buy CodeGuard plans with your ResellerClub web hosting plans. We offer seamless integration with your hosting plans so that you can stop worrying about backups and focus on growing your website and your business. 

For more information, contact us today.

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