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For any business to grow, there is a long-term vision and mission and a plan of action etched by its founders, senior management team, and directors. This is true for small businesses also, where the vision of the business gets segregated into smaller goals and objectives that can be achieved. However, to achieve these goals, there has to be a plan of action that can complement the same in the long run and the short run too. 

For years, the growth of a business and a brand has been seen as the two sides of the same coin. This is true for a reseller hosting business as well, especially after web hosting businesses have been growing on a CAGR of 15.5%. This has led to many businesses looking at growth hacking tactics to get a greater share of the web hosting market. 

If you as a reseller have been aiming to provide top reseller hosting plans to customers and want to expand your business, growth hacking tips help you the most if you get your tactics right. This is why identifying the right channels becomes imperative. With this article, we seek to tell you what is growth hacking and how it can help you scale your reseller hosting business. So if you want to know more about it, please grab a pen and start jotting down important points. 

What is Growth hacking? 

Growth hacking is the process of rapidly experimenting through multiple channels to find the most effective ways to grow a business. Some of the best brands run tons of experiments before arriving at a proper hack that gives them great returns in terms of views, sales, conversions, and revenue at a low-cost investment. To arrive at this process, and choose the right channel for your reseller hosting business, you may have to be a tad bit patient before you strike gold. 

So, during this process of figuring out the right channel or the right growth hacking model, it is important that you be cognizant of certain facts such as – 

a) being observant about the actions you take on a particular marketing channel. 

b) having all your doubts and questions answered around the observation

c) forming a hypothesis 

d) running an experiment or experiments to test your hypothesis

e) getting proof of experiment or making amends in case it doesn’t work

All these aspects are a precursor to your growth hacking tactics while developing your reseller hosting business. With that being said, let us look at some tactics which have worked for reseller hosting over the past few years.

1. A/B testing 

This is marketing experimentation 101. Anyone who has marketed their own business has had two good ideas at once and felt which one they should go with. In such a case, it is better to try and test both options. Creating variables for marketing always helps because it helps you know what worked and then replication of the same becomes easy. In this way, you can grow consistently by recognizing a success factor for your reseller hosting’s business growth. 

If you want to do A/B tests on your website for a campaign or so, then you can use optimization tools that can help you better its performance. You can use Google Optimize to A/B testing for your website just by adding a few scripts. 

2. Go full-on with affiliate and incentive-based marketing

The internet ecosystem has enough bloggers and Youtubers in the hosting industry that talk about products, services and even hosting companies and brands for an affiliate fee. You can tie up with these personally or through affiliate networks like Coupon Duniya to grow your reseller hosting business. This is one of the quickest hacks to boost and promote your business. In exchange for reaching out through their channel, you need to pay the affiliate a certain fee or incentive. Just to ensure that you are targeting the right audience, choose the affiliate you want wisely so that you get a great bang for every single buck you invest. 

3. Leverage referral programs

You can look at opportunities with your current customers for your reseller hosting business as well. It so happens many a time that your current customers may not be fully utilizing their plan from a resource point of view. So that they do the same, you can create promotional programs with a refer and earn angle to acquire new customers also. You can give an incentive for a new customer they bring by either paying them some money, giving them upfront discounts, or even waiving off some part of their monthly subscription fees. The choice is yours. Some refer and earn programs have worked remarkably in the tech business.

For instance, with the DropBox brand, their business grew multifold with a well fleshed out and executed refer and earn program. If you have a good referral program in place that provides great incentives to the existing customers, loyalty will be better with them and also help you get more customers in the long run. In many ways, this can be more cost-effective especially if you are in the reseller hosting business, as some incentives may be cheaper than investing in advertising. And you will reach a wider audience who may not even know you exist.

4. Repurpose old content

Content repurposing is the practice of reusing some or part of existing content to broaden the scope of your content strategy and content marketing tactics. Repurposed content is usually converted into a new format (e.g. by converting a blog into a video or infographic). 

Now, why is content repurposing such a beautiful growth hack, especially for web hosting businesses? A part of the answer lies in the fact that with this tactic, content is very much easy to scale. You don’t have to write every post, video, social media post, webinar, etc. Instead, you can use the same content and create or spin its main ideas into newer formats that appeal to your audience. 

With this, you can promote successful content that is rehashed across different channels and get more users to click and become customers in the long run. Not every customer wants to read a 1000 word article. If it can be converted into a social media post or a video, it can garner more views and conversions too.

5. Webinar signups 

As an extension to the previous point, webinars can be a fantastic growth hack if done right. With webinars, you can talk about the benefits or advantages of your business with a tight content strategy that revolves around the top of the marketing funnel, middle of the funnel, or even at the bottom of the funnel. 

With webinars, you as a reseller hosting business have the advantage of going live and interacting with your customers, and making a maximum impression. More than 50% of the signups happen a week before the event and another 25-30% a day before the webinar. Statistically, more than 40% of the attendees watch the entire event and are interested in buying a product. So, if webinars are such an important channel when it comes to growth hacking, why not make the most out of it? 

Other hacks

You can definitely focus on other hacks such as forming a community, which can be slightly long term but give great results. Other than that, focusing on freebies, gamification, quora marketing and exclusive membership deal for clients and new customers can also be effective growth hacking techniques for your reseller hosting business. 

With this, we hope that you enjoy reading how can growth hacking help your reseller hosting business. If you have any doubts or comments, please share the same with us in the section below. 

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