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In this edition of TLD in Focus, we want to bring your attention to a TLD that has bridged the gap between brand & multinational audience, .GLOBAL.

If you have customers who want their businesses to resonate with the global audience, this TLD is the right connect. Nothing says ‘Worldwide’ better than a .GLOBAL. GLOBAL indicates strength & ambition. It is limitless, border-less & non-discriminatory. Whether you have clients from big business or one-man start-ups, the TLD fits everyone including a stay-at-home-mom, a non-profit registrant and local businesses.

.GLOBAL transcends geographical boundaries. Ideas & strategies can be global without being attached to multiple physical locations around the world, simply with this TLD. It unifies all geographic & sub-TLDs under a single, global umbrella for universal coverage. It is understood in countless languages & adds a new dimension to your customers’ online presence, helping their brand stand out from the crowd.

As a domain reseller, we assure you that .GLOBAL is worth your investment. Brands, companies, business & individuals alike are snapping up the TLD that puts them on the map. .GLOBAL already has a whooping 18,658 domain names registered according to ntldstats.com.

Here’s a short introduction to .GLOBAL:

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You’ll find a range of digital assets here including .GLOBAL logos, email copy, ready-made banners in a range of sizes and formats to help you with your domain reselling business. Help your customers boost their brand reach & power with a .GLOBAL. Enable them to create engaging & growing multinational, cross continental communities.

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If you need help with your business or require assistance with registering this TLD, please let us know in the comments section below & we will get in touch with you.

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