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The .GLOBAL domain extension is one that transcends geographic boundaries to bring people together and take brands across borders. The .GLOBAL TLD is perfect for small businesses, start-ups and just about any brand reaching out to a global audience.

Nothing says ‘Worldwide’ like a .GLOBAL! It’s limitless, borderless & non-discriminatory. For you as a domain reseller, .GLOBAL is great for your customers’ brand to be viewed as international & therefore is a fantastic investment. Today, there are over 43,000 .GLOBAL domains registered.


  • It is universally understood
  • Not restrictive to a particular business or industry
  • Establishes your global presence
  • It is a direct connect to international audiences

Who is .GLOBAL for?

  • Entertainers & artists
  • Businesses
  • Engineers
  • Though-leaders
  • Educators
  • Activists
  • Charities
  • Networkers
  • Innovators
  • Distributors

And just about anyone!

The ResellerClub Advantage

At ResellerClub, we’re offering .GLOBAL at just $12.99 till 31st May, 2018! This limited period offer gives you margins high enough to make huge profits. Resell .GLOBAL today!

You’ll find a range of digital assets here including .GLOBAL logos, email copy, ready-made banners in a range of sizes and formats to help you with your domain reselling business. Help your customers boost their brand reach & power with a .GLOBAL.

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