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With Ctrl+F5 Chennai being a good start to the new year, we’re looking to keep the show going with power-packed speaker sessions for the rest of the tour. Next stop, Jaipur! That’s right, this is going to our first Ctrl+F5 in the Pink City and we cannot wait to see you guys there. Join us at the Radisson Blu Jaipur on the 3rd of March for our next web designers and web developers summit!

Why Ctrl+F5?

Meet experts in the field & learn from other web designers, developers & technology leaders, all who will be sharing their experiences, learnings, geniuses, latest technologies & intelligent hacks to help your business boom. Let’s have a look at our speaker line up for Jaipur.

Meet the Speakers:

Crystal Peterson: Director of Registry Services, Neustar

 Topic – ‘The Evolution of Naming’


crystal peterson neustar

Become a trusted partner to your customers by helping them think differently about their digital presence. When they look to you for advice, what will you say? When is it right to choose from one of the 500+ new domain name alternatives? In this session, we’ll talk about the evolution of the naming business and the importance of being at the forefront of learning how to recommend and build websites on the “non dot-coms.”

Pratik Jagdishwala: Senior Product Manager, Endurance International Group

Topic – ‘How to Boost the Performance of your WordPress powered websites’


Pratik will delve into the issues encountered by WordPress Developers and Designers with different kinds of Hosting, look at the solutions, learn how to ensure limits are not breached with your hosting provider and how to get the best performance for your website without overspending on infrastructure.

Simran Talreja: Product Manager, Endurance International Group

Topic – ‘A Practical Approach to Design Thinking’

endurance international group mumbai

While design thinking has been a buzzword for some time, in this session Simran will help you go beyond concepts and learn practical ways to apply it to your everyday work. Learn and equip yourself with the right set of tools and approaches of how to build great products for your clients.

Rajendran Dandapani: Director of Engineering, Zoho

Topic – ‘Design and Development: Two sides of a 20-year-old coin’

Rajendran will share his insights on on the why’s and wherefores of software product design and development that he has gained over twenty years of design tweaking, code hacking and managing multi-functional teams.



Navneet Kaushal: CEO & Founder, PageTraffic

Topic – Search Engine Friendly for Web 3.0 – Why & How?

Navneet will speak about a typical conversations between clients and SMBs in context of website building in India – how the clients’ lack of understanding of technical SEO could hinder efforts to drive relevant traffic to their websites. It’s their disposition towards technology that becomes a barrier in digital penetration and educating the Indian populace is a must.

Here’s what Ctrl+F5 Chennai looked like!

It goes without saying that we’re pretty stoked. If there’s anything you’d like to add regarding our speaker sessions, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. See you guys in Jaipur!

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