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.CA is the official ccTLD of Canada and the first .CA Domain was registered in January 1998.

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is the body responsible for managing the .CA Domain Space and under its guidance Registrations have seen a growth of 16% between 2007 and 2009.

A .CA Domain is now considered necessity for anyone looking to highlight their Canadian Connection.

Price and policy:

Starting this Tuesday, we will be offering .CA Domains at only $11.99. This price is applicable Registration, Renewal, Transfer-Ins as well as Restoration.

With respect to the .CA rules and regulations, they differ slightly from those of other TLDs.

For instance, .CA registration requires one to satisfy certain Canadian Presence Requirements before being able to Register .CA Domains. You can read more about the Canadian Presence Requirements as laid down by CIRA here.

To understand the variations in the.CA Registration Procedure, you can take a look at certain FAQs here. For a more detailed look at all the .CA Domain Name Rules and Requirements, you can visit our KnowledgeBase.

Signing Up for .CA Domain Names:

There is no sign up required if you have enabled the Automatic Signup for New Products option in your Control Panel.
In case you have disabled the above option, you will have to sign up to sell .CA Domains by going to the Manage Products and Pricing section in the Control Panel and clicking on the Select the TLDs you want to sell option.

What’s Coming Up:

We have a couple of things planned after the launch of .CA. With Price Bands going live very soon, we will be looking at implementing differential pricing for Web and Email Hosting and the new Website Builder subsequently.
A special .EU Promo is also on the cards. We’ll give out more information on it, very soon!