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If you are a business owner, looking to get online or create a brand-new digital identity, get buzzing and busy with a .BIZ domain name. Synonymous with ‘business’, a .BIZ domain will instantly set you apart as a professional business online. Whether you are a service provider, an ecommerce platform, a B2B or B2C business – .BIZ is perfect for all kinds of businesses online. 

Running and owning a business online is not easy! You need to be relevant, fast, secure and service your target audience to meet their ever-changing demands and expectations.  

If it’s a business, make it .BIZ!  

Globally, people associate the word biz with business. Thus, a .BIZ domain can help you reach out and get noticed by a global audience.  

  • It’s easy to remember and even easier to understand.  
  • It clearly sets you apart as a professional online business. 

  • It can be used by/for all business models – B2B, B2C, D2C, Startups, etc.  
  • It’s easier to get a .biz domain, as compared to older domains like .com and .org 
  • It can be used by individual businesses as well as blogs, forums, networking or review websites that focus on businesses 

Notable Benefits of a .BIZ Domain 


.BIZ is not restricted to any industry. Be it fashion, tech, real estate or home improvement, if it’s a business it can be .biz.  

Credible and Relevant 

A .BIZ domain will give instant credibility as a business online. Additionally, it’s relevant and true to your identity.  


While a .BIZ domain is perfectly suited for online businesses, it can also be used by blogs, forums or networking sites that are business specific. For example, a website that helps businesses connect with other businesses, a forum for people to review/recommend businesses or a blog that gives details of businesses for a specific industry/location.  

Get Your .BIZ Domain TODAY! 

You can get a .BIZ domain for as low as $4.99! 

Yes, it’s pocket-friendly, it’s professional and it’s the best way to keep your business buzzing!  

Ready to get busy with a .BIZ? Buy it today! 

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