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We recently rolled out an exclusive program for our Indian Resellers – Offer free 6 months hosting with every .COM and .NET Domain.

This promo was launched primarily with the objective of helping Resellers increase the quality of .COM and .NET Registrations and earn continuous revenue on Hosting Renewals (as well as several other benefits). In fact, hosted Domains across the Industry have a 77% Renewal Rate compared to a 55% Renewal Rate for non-hosted Domains. So far, this promo has been very well received and we’re already seeing a significant surge in numbers.

However, one feedback we’ve received from Resellers is that while such initiatives go a long way in promoting Domain Name & Hosting Services, marketing them in the face of stiff competition is another ball game altogether – especially for SMBs.

To help counter this, we’ve just launched our first ever Co-Marketing Program! With this program, we’re offering 10 Resellers Rs. 1,00,000 each to run a fully-funded marketing campaign for the Free 6 Months Hosting promo.

What it’s about:

As part of this program, Resellers have to submit a basic business plan and tell us how they will promote .COM/.NET Domains & Hosting services.

Based on the relevance, viability and execution of their marketing plan, Resellers will be then be granted upto Rs. 1,00,000 as marketing funds.

You can still apply!

If you’re an Indian Reseller and haven’t already applied for the Co-Marketing program, you can do so till the 25th of October.

For more information on how you can apply get in touch with your Account Manager or fill in this simple questionnaire and email it to marketing-at-resellerclub-dot-com.

While this is the first ever Co-Marketing Program we’ve run, we do plan to roll out such initiatives across all our programs in the future – Watch this space for more!


We would also love to know the kind of co-marketing programs you would like to see in the future so drop us a line below and let us know!

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