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🙂 ResellerClub Resellers Rejoice!

Four of our profitable Promos were supposed to end today at 12:30 UTC.

We’d like you to know that we have decided to extend the benefit to our Resellers even further by extending not one or two, but ALL 4 of these Promos!

The .IN, .MOBI, .TV, .ORG and .US Promos will be extended to the end of July. The table below lists out the new end dates for the respective Promos:

New End Dates
.IN @ $3.99
29th September
.MOBI @ $6.99
30th July
.TV @ $18.49
30th July
.US @ $3.99
30th July
.ORG @ $6.49
30th July

How The Promos Will Be Extended:

The .IN, .MOBI, .TV and .US Promos will end on the 29th of June 2009 at 12:30 UTC as scheduled.

To allow the Promo end to trickle down to all Resellers and to ensure that all Resellers avail of the extended Promos at the same time; we will restart all the Promos on the 30th of June 2009 at 12:30 UTC.

You can find the details of the above Promos on our website.