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Last week, I had a long (and quite an interesting) conversation with one of our Resellers. He’s been with RC for a couple of years now, and is one of the fastest growing in terms of business volume as well. Without warranting the details, the gist of our conversation was this – big reseller… had an issue with managing his transactions … could have taken care of his issue configuring a couple of functions in the system… did not know that the feature used, even existed.

This is not surprising – in fact, this might just be the case with several service providers. The fact is that our system is comprehensive and sometimes if you’ve found what you’re looking for, then the urge to explore the rest does not quite creep in.

So if anybody would like to learn or know more about all essential aspects of ResellerClub’s system – you could do so at our webinar.

It will be a ‘run-through’ of our Reseller Program, and more importantly, our Platform. I plan on covering as many intricate details of the system as I possibly can. (within a span of 45 minutes)

I will also very soon put up an agenda of the Webinar for your reference. In case anybody is interested in attending, you could just send in a mail to webinar@resellerclub.com. In case there a particular aspect that you would like to be discussed during the webinar, then you could send in your suggestion to webinar@resellerclub.com

It will be held on 31st July 2008 at 1700 UTC