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Now that ICANN has officially announced that EstDomains will be de-accredited, we at ResellerClub (Public Domain Registry), the official Sponsoring Registrar, will soon be migrating all of EstDomains’ Domains and SSL Certificate operations under us.

While preparing for this huge task, what we have tried to ensure is that the Customers and Resellers of EstDomains have as smooth a transition as possible.

Why ResellerClub?
1. We are currently one of the largest and fastest growing Reseller-focused registrars in the market today. With over 53,000 Resellers from across 240 countries, ResellerClub has the experience and know-how when it comes to Registrar-Reseller business.
2. EstDomains uses Logicboxes’ Orderbox Technology, which is also used by ResellerClub. What this means is that the migrating Customers and Resellers will continue to use the same Control Panels that they have been using all this while, making the transition that much easier.
3. EstDomains started their business as a Reseller under ResellerClub, so we are aware and experienced when it comes their market and its requirements.

Now although we have tried to ensure that the entire migration process is as seamless as possible, there are a couple of steps that we are taking that will have an impact on Estdomains’ Customers and Resellers. These steps are as follows:

New Domain & SSL Purchases: On the 21st of November, at 1200 GMT, both these products will be set to a DNO status. What this essentially means is that EstDomains’ Customer and Resellers will not be able to place any new orders for Domains or SSL Certificates from their current accounts, till the migration is completed. Once the migration is complete, both these products will be available for purchase again.

Renewing Domains: At the time of De-accrediatation, the concerned Registries will disable the Renewal option temporarily for all of EstDomains’ Customers and Resellers. We strongly recommend that any EstDomains’ domains that are nearing expiry in the next 8-10 days, be renewed immediately to avoid any further difficulties.

We will be continuously updating our blog with essential information about the entire migration process. For any specific questions or information regarding the same, email us at