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This post contains detailed information on the various changes and procedures that will occur as part of the EstDomains de-accreditation process by ICANN and our takeover of the same.

The following steps will be taken going forward, and it is essential that EST Resellers make a note of the points mentioned here.

Registrar Information

  • Registrar on Record: The Registrar on record for all of EstDomains’ Domains will change to ‘Directi Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. dba’.
  • Registrar Contact Information: The Registrar contact information for EstDomains will reflect ResellerClub’s contact information.
  • Sales and Support: For any assistance, you will now have to contact ResellerClub’s Sales and Support team. Please note that Support will now be available only in English.
  • Account Management: ResellerClub will assign a Dedicated Account Manager to all Resellers to cater to your sales needs.
  • Payment Methods: All payment methods will change to ResellerClub’s modes of payment. Visit our website for more information.
  • Legal Agreements: All Reseller and Customer agreements will now be with Public Domain Registry. Your continued usage of our service implies the acceptance of the new agreement.

Finance and Billing

  • Total Receipts: Your current Total Receipts with EstDomains will remain the same even after the migration. This Total Receipts figure will determine the Slab you fall under with ResellerClub.
  • Available Balance: Post the migration, your ‘available balance’ in your Reseller Account will be set to Zero. You will have to collect your refund from Estdomains by contacting them at
  • Previous Transactions: All your previous Transaction data will be removed from your Control Panel and archived separately. You can access this information in the future, the details of which will be given at a later date.

Product Information

  • Products Offered: Only Domains and Digital Certificates will be available initially. However, we are working towards offering you our entire Product Portfolio in the future.
  • DNS Orders: All existing DNS orders with EstDomains will be deleted and the product will be discontinued as well.
  • Domain Renewals: For a short while from the date of the de-accreditation, you will not be able to Renew domains. We strongly recommend that you renew any domains that will expire within this time period, before the de-accreditation.
  • Move Services: The ‘Move Services’ option will be inactive in your Control Panel temporarily.

Pricing Information

  • Pricing: Your new pricing structure will be as per ResellerClub’s Pricing for Domains and Digital Certificates.
  • EstDomains’ Special Pricing: Any Special Pricing that you may have been receiving through Promos or Specific Pricing from EstDomains will not be applicable anymore.

Note: If you already have a large volume of Domain Names, or will be able to register a large volume within a specific period of time, you could contact your Dedicated Account Manager for better pricing than Best Slab.

Managing Your Account

  • Account Details and Specifications: Your Account logins and various other settings like SuperSite/PartnerSite customization, custom integrated payment gateways, branding, nameservers etc will all remain the same.
  • Control Panel URLs: The Control Panel URL’s will be changing shortly to Once the change is made, we will send an announcement.