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Over the past 6 months, we’ve focused our energies on various projects – be it our local programs, revamping our Control Panel or Contests and Promos for our Resellers. One thing we’ve been silently working on, however, is our Hosting offering.

While we have been busy building a roadmap for our future Hosting products, our primary focus has been on enhancing the scalability of our current Hosting offering so that we can continue to cater to increased demand in a stable manner.

Here are some of the steps we’ve taken to improve the scalability of our Hosting Infrastructure:

  • We have moved from Virtualized (using Xen) server architecture to a Dedicated server architecture. We have eliminated SAN-based storage, and moved all storage onto the server
  • We have fully automated our server deployment process. We now have systems in place that allow us to bring a new server up and running in a much shorter time (both cPanel and Plesk)
  • We have improved our backup systems significantly – We now use rsync as opposed to CDP
  • Our hardware specs have also been improved considerably – Our new servers come with 24GB of RAM and Dual Quad-Core CPU
  • We have also improved our monitoring systems. This has helped us eliminate abusers of our services, which in the past caused downtimes for our genuine customers
  • Our procurement of servers has been streamlined. We now provision a full rack of servers, ensuring that all hardware setup is completed much in advance. This allows us to both reduce our procurement costs, and ensures we always have servers ready for deployment

These initiatives have ensured that despite the increasingly higher amount of new sites that we host every day, our stability is always top notch. Here is a snapshot of the uptime statistics on some of our servers.

These changes on the whole brought us a slew of positive reviews from some of our largest Hosting Resellers and some great feedback that we’re still incorporating, in our effort to make the best Hosting services available to all of you.

With this new infrastructure now in place, we are firmly on the path to roll out an entire suite of world-class hosting products. Here’s a sneak preview of our Future Roadmap:

  • September – Unlimited Domains Hosting: This has been the most widely demanded product from all our Resellers and its now almost ready to go Live. We have been in an invite only Beta for the last 2 months (If you would like a Beta Invite, please visit this page and enter your email address) and have got an overwhelming response for this new offering.
  • January – Reseller Hosting (Bulk Hosting): By Mid-January we will be rolling out Reseller Hosting where you can give out individual cPanel accounts to your Customers & Resellers.
  • Next Year – Within the next year we will also roll out VPS, Cloud Hosting & Dedicated servers.

All of these products will be available through your Reseller Control panel and will be backed by the same industry best pricing & support that you have now come to expect from the ResellerClub group.

We’ll keep giving you more information and updates about these new Hosting products. (Watch this space for more!) We would also love your feedback – do let us know what you think of our initiatives and our upcoming Hosting products, in your comments below.