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Hi! You have reached XYZ Ltd. Please press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support. etc
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This Customer probably had a query that could be addressed in less than a minute, but had to wait a good 15 minutes to get an individual on the line. You know that this not only displeases the Customer but drastically affects customer relationship and leaves a long lasting negative impression. Soon enough this Customer will take your business to your competitor – not because the quality of the product wasn’t up to the mark, but because he was disappointed with the service.

To keep up with the increasing competition, one needs to employ enhanced methods for not just satisfying, but actually delighting the Customer. This is when service on demand comes into the picture. The customer service gap can be eliminated by taking advantage of technology that is developed essentially for this purpose. Live Chat Packages provide the perfect solution to your customers to bridge this gap with their clients.

An example of how this would work is:
When your customer or potential customer visits your website, and needs assistance, he can have a representative talking to him in no time with just a click of a button. Similarly, all your Customers’ that have an e-commerce website can also benefit by using Live Chat on their websites.

Forrester Research Inc. projects steady growth in the use of Live Chat in customer service. In 2003, 30% of online buyers turned to live chat for customer service, up from 19% in 2001, Forrester reports. Acceptance of live chat will grow to 59% of online buyers in 2007“as online chatting teens grow up,” Forrester says.

Benefits of using Live Chat:

Efficient: Customers will enjoy the efficiency of their shopping experience. All questions will be answered in real time. Thus, making it a much better option than e-mail.

Cost  effective: Live chat saves money because it eliminates the need to maintain expensive toll-free numbers.

Multi task: A single representative can handle multiple chat sessions, whereas only a single person can be catered to over the phone.

Scalable: The live chat being scalable, allows you to add chat operators as your business expands.

Instant Leads: With potential Customers coming your way, you can keep a record of the leads.

You as a Reseller can use this on your website, depending on your company structure and needs as well as sell these to your Customers to use on their website. Have a look at the various Live Chat packages on offer here.  In conclusion, it is obvious that Live Chat is the gateway to richer customer relationships and lower online service costs.