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The internet has been the world’s largest self-governed, part-anarchic realm and choices for users is the name of the game. A domain name is the identity of an online presence and classifying the internet begins with the choice of TLDs. With the entry of .BIZ, came the TLD perfect for high performance businesses – small, medium & large! The right of the dot brought professionalism, identity, status & seriousness. The .BIZ opened up options which might not have been available for a commercial enterprise on other generics.

Not just that. .BIZ cleared up ambiguity that brands & businesses faced with a generic TLD. For example, a www.welovepets.com could mean anything related to pets… adoptions, pet lovers club, nutrition & health tips etc. But a www.welovepets.biz gives the brand instant recognition as a business & a destination for customers searching for businesses like yours.

According ICANNwiki, 2,236,792 websites end with a .BIZ (according to ICANNwiki), which is 0.7% of all websites (source: w3techs.com)! .BIZ ranks 17th in the list of Top 25 TLDs & is becoming even more popular day by day. Here’s a graphical snapshot of .BIZ numbers (marked in green) in comparison with the most popular TLDs including the No.1, .COM.


(Image source: domaintools.com)

Are you a start-up? An established business? An entrepreneur? .BIZ is the perfect scalable, flexible, professional extension for you. Show the world that you’re a serious contender in the marketplace. Show them you mean business!

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