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Ensuring the utmost server security is the number one priority for web hosting companies. Unfortunately, according to the statistics, 30,000 websites are hacked and compromised daily, and every 39 seconds,the web experiences a new attack.  

Thus, considering the increasing and unstoppable cybersecurity threats—it’s your responsibility as a Hosting Reseller to secure your Hosting Server against online threats.   

This article shares five crucial tips you can implement to secure your Reseller Hosting Server. But first, let’s quickly look at what Reseller Hosting is.  

What is Reseller Hosting?  

Reseller Server Hosting is a web hosting service that provides bulk web hosting plans and allows you to start your own hosting business from scratch at minimal cost and investment.  

You can tweak and create unique and personalised web hosting services for your clients and sell them at a competitive rate to earn profits. As a Hosting Reseller, you get useful tools like WHMCS for automated billing and invoicing, WHM and cPanel for seamless website management.  

Thus, it’s your responsibility as a Hosting Reseller, right from creating custom web hosting plans, customer support, and taking care of Reseller accounts to ensuring optimum uptime, performance, and security.  

Now, let’s see how you can ensure high server security as a Hosting Reseller.  

5 Ways To Secure Your Reseller Hosting Server 

Web Hosting Reseller business comes in all shapes and sizes, and cybersecurity attacks spare no one. Thus, ensuring high server security is a need for every hosting business and website.  

Here are some critical tips to secure your Web Hosting Reseller Server against online threats.  

  1. Offer SSL Certificates to all your clients  

An SSL Certificate is an excellent way to protect your site and ensure high security against data breaches. It protects the data transferred between your site and your customer’s browser.  

This data encryption makes it difficult for malicious hackers to gain access and steal your confidential business information and customer data—ensuring security against data breaches and boosting your site’s SEO performance.  

  1. Employ Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)  

Two-factor authentication significantly reduces the risk of unauthorised and unauthenticated access to your website. It requires your users to go through two user authentication and verification steps to prevent malicious hackers from accessing your data.  

It secures the standard username and password authentication system and protects weak employees’ passwords and credentials.  

Thus, 2FA ensures the utmost security of your client’s websites—securing your Reseller Hosting Server.  

  1. Offer a CDN with your Reseller Hosting plans  

Cybersecurity threats are evolving rapidly, and each time your client’s website gets a click, and the server receives a request—there is a high possibility of a malicious code entering through and damaging your server.  

In such situations, reducing the number of requests your server receives can help minimise server attacks.  

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) reduces the number of server requests and replicates your website data across a network of interconnected servers worldwide. These are situated across the globe to serve the requests of users closest to them—reducing the number of server requests and ensuring server security.  

  1. Update your software regularly 

Outdated software and operating systems are primary security concerns and reasons behind online attacks.  

Updating your CMS, operating system, and databases reduces the risks of cybersecurity breaches and online attacks on your client’s websites. However, not prioritising regular upgrades and software updates can pose a great risk for your server.  

  1. Run security scans on a regular basis  

Numerous scanning solutions are available to make it easier for Hosting Resellers to scan for security vulnerabilities and loopholes within the system.  

Thus, scan your website regularly and offer solutions to scan clients’ websites from time to time to identify weaknesses and security gaps and ensure server security.  


It’s quite easy to start a Web Hosting Reseller business and earn recurring passive revenue from your clients. But ensuring the utmost security and protection against online attacks is also important as a Hosting Reseller.  

The increasing risks of cybersecurity attacks and online threats require utmost attention to server security. So, implement the tips mentioned above to secure your Reseller Hosting Server and your web hosting business.  

ResellerClub offers exceptional Reseller Hosting solutions with on-call support, free cPanel, and enhanced security to facilitate our clients’ running a secure web hosting business. So, check out our services and choose a relevant Reseller Hosting plan for your business.  

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