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.Host has been in General Availability only for a fortnight and has already become a popular choice among Hosting businesses. We are observing some early trends in the kind of names that are being registered and thought we’d share a few of these ideas, so that you could perhaps invest or start an alternative brand on the .Host namespace.

Here are some examples:

  • host, UKvps.host, LinuxServers.host, CheapWeb.host etc.: Geo/product/service combinations provide super SEO value
  • host, Mex.host, Anchor.host, Tough.host, Student.host: Nationalities and highly brandable single word names have great potential to boost your brand
  • host, kdc.host, etn.host: shortened brand.host are perfect for use on social and marketing

Here are some great name ideas (which might still be available):

Geo Names Product / Service Combinations Brandable Premiums Category Killers
UKServer.host CloudOnDemand.host Rapid.host Archives.host
AsiaWeb.host GameServers.host Fastest.host DedicatedServer.host
EuropeCloud.host DiscountDeals.host Unique.host Ecommerce.host
GlobalDNS.host FreeWebsite.host Unlimited.host Applications.host

A .com doesn’t say anything about our business and so, in the not so distant future, we foresee this to become a default industry identifier. So what are you waiting for? Click here to check out our exclusive promo for .Host!

Anisha Pullokkaran

Anisha Pullokkaran