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We are currently experiencing an unexpected disruption in services on one of our cPanel Hosting servers, which has led to a considerable downtime for websites on this server. Our system admin team is currently working to restore this server back to normalcy. For your understanding, here is an update on events up to now –

  • About 1:30am GMT today, we encountered an issue with the cPanel hosting server cp-6.webhostbox.net, where the sites abruptly stopped resolving.
  • Upon investigation, we found that the operating system on the server had crashed due to which the file system went into an inconsistent state.
  • To analyze the extent of the problem, we ran a file system check on the server. However, since this check was taking incredibly long to complete, we canceled it to initiate other measures.
  • After making certain changes on the server to avoid data loss, we again started the file system check, and this is currently in progress.

We have as yet been unable to pinpoint the exact reason for the crash; our efforts have been concentrated towards restoring the services as soon as possible.

The checks that are currently being run will help us ascertain if there are any specific problems; though at this time, we’re optimistic there would be little to no data loss. Post this, we’ll initiate recovery measures to restore the websites. The comprehensive scale of recovery operation means that it would take between 8-12 hours for the entire process to complete. We will add further updates here on a regular basis, as more information becomes available. We humbly apologize for this inconvenience, and request you to bear with us as we work towards fixing the problem. For any other details you’d like about this outage, please contact our support team.