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Always pushing to squeeze out maximum efficiency from all our Products, ResellerClub provides you with an extremely easy-to-use tool to evaluate how quickly your SuperSite loads. Once enabled, a set of results are displayed (only to you) with details of what aspect of your SuperSite page is taking time to load.

To enable this tool, simply add ‘/?show_profiler=true’ at the end of your SuperSite Homepage URL
(as shown here: and then navigate to the page that is loading slowly. Values displayed at the bottom of the page can be easily interpreted to point out the exact element that is delaying resolution.

To disable the tool all you need to do is close your browser window or change the Boolean value from true to false (i.e. /?show_profiler=false)

Note: When you enable this tool for your SuperSite, the results are displayed only to you.

Ok, so now your SuperSite loads quicker… Come back for more on how to make the most of your SuperSite…