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Public Interest Registry (PIR) launched the .NGO extension a couple of months ago and the TLD is more important and relevant today than ever before. The global situation underscores the need for organisations and individuals to rise to the occasion and get involved.

In a time when the world economy is in turmoil, North Africa and Europe are roiled in a refugee crisis & inequality is on the rise everywhere, the TLD it is an apt choice to be able to distinguish the wheat from the chaff for potential donors and philanthropists. The extension gives them a wider reach, helps them fulfill their noble goals & adds value to any registered charitable organization. The rigorous verification process and amount of value it adds to any registrant charitable organization justifies the price it is set at. Furthermore, the .NGO is also complimented by the .ONG TLD, all within the same price so the cost isn’t as high as it initially appears. Here’s why you should consider these TLDs.

Why .NGO/.ONG?

Validation: A rigorous verification process allows only registered NGOs to buy the domain hence eliminating the possibility of fraudulent activity & allows charities to establish their credibility to potential donors.

Demonstrates Trust: Since the .NGO can only be bought by a registered NGO, credibility and trust are synonymous with the extension. Trust is crucial for NGOs especially when monetary donations are involved.

Global Reach: The three letters ‘NGO’ is a universally recognized and acceptable acronym for Non-Governmental Organisation’. Hence, the .NGO extension by itself is complete and credible. Additionally, .NGO is complimented by the .ONG TLD, the translated equivalent for regions where Romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian) are most prevalent, extending your global reach even further & deeper.

Visibility: There is immediate worldwide recognition with the .NGO for organizations that seek to make a positive impact. It’s a great way to distinguish yourself from the others. Donors will be able to search for your organisation through PIR’s online search directory with filters such as name, location and cause. The search feature will enable your organisation to have greater visibility to those looking to make a donation for a good cause, encouraging higher donations.

.NGO helps distinguish your organization, validates it among the online crowd & connects you to the global community. We offer .NGO + .ONG for a special promo price of $31.99 only at ResellerClub. Make use of this price. #DoYourBit to help make the world a better place.

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