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Starting a hosting reseller business but confused about which reseller hosting tools to use?

There are a few reseller hosting tools popular in the industry. They make operating a hosting business easier for you, and the most popular among them are WHM and WHMCS. But often, people get confused between WHM vs WHMCS. They find themselves asking which one of these tools they should embed in their reseller hosting platform. 

Well, if you are equally confused, this blog will help you decide better by chalking out prime differences between WHM and WHMCS. So, let us get started!

WHM: Functions and Features

A reseller hosting business often requires managing many cPanel accounts from one place — regardless of whether you are a web designer or developer extending a hosting reselling service to your client or you are a full-fledged hosting reselling business. And managing multiple cPanel systems from one place at once becomes a mammoth task without using or integrating a tool like WHM or Web Host Manager.

Here is a list of features of WHM or Web Host Manager.

  • Manage Multiple cPanel Accounts

WHM is an effective tool for creating and managing cPanel accounts. With the help of WHM integration, a hosting reseller can delete an account if the account package is expired. A WHM also allows you to delete a cPanel account in case of violation of terms and conditions by the customer. The WHM tool gives you complete control over all your cPanel accounts. 

  • Create Hosting Packages

A WHM tool will allow you to create multiple hosting packages at different price points, offering different value propositions. Further, you can also easily upgrade or downgrade an existing account using a WHM Web Host Manager.

  • Relentless Vigil of Your Websites

By integrating a WHM tool, you can track all of your server activities. For instance, monitoring all the running processes on the server and tracking the disk usage becomes an easy task. You can also have information on the available server resources.

  • Focus on Branding with Customized WHM cPanel Accounts

Web Host Manager tool enables you to customize your cPanel accounts, not just with different prices, but you can also add your own logo to brand your service. Further, you can choose different cPanel styles, create your documentation links, public company profiles, and do a lot more. In simple terms, a WHM tool helps you brand your services without having to spend a lot of resources.

These are some of the top features of a WHM or Web Host Manager tool, but these are not limited to the mentioned ones. A WHM tool can help in backup management, security control, and other hosting management services.

WHMCS: Functions and Features

Just like the WHM, the WHMCS is another Web Hosting Management tool. WHMCS, or Web Hosting Manager Complete Solution, is a complete solution for customer management for hosting businesses. 

In addition to the features of WHM, WHMCS combines an automated cart system. This automated cart system can integrate with your business website, eliminating the need for any manual intervention to monitor the customers’ purchase processes and customers’ support system.

WHMCS is a specially designed cart system that can integrate with a variety of web hosting servers and hosting-related applications and services. The primary function of WHMCS is that it will take care of the entire process after a purchase is made. The WHMCS tool will collect payments, create the user account, and automatically provision the web hosting account on the hosting server.

The integration of WHMCS can significantly reduce the amount of manual work needed by automating the whole process and saves a lot of time and resources. 

Here are some of the key features of WHMCS.

  • Customer Support and Management
  • Order Management
  • Billing Management
  • Reporting System
  • Domain Registration System
  • Fraud Management

The features of WHMCS are not limited to this list. After you integrate WHMCS into your reseller hosting business, it allows you to club a variety of web hosting-related services and applications.

WHM vs. WHMCS: What are the Key Differentiating Factors?

Clearly, WHMCS is a more upgraded version of WHM and offers all the features of WHM. On top of that, WHMCS offers more solutions like automated billing and customer management.

Now, which one should you get— WHM or WHMCS? 

If you are offering host reselling services as an extension to your web designing or web development services and just want to manage cPanel accounts, WHM should suffice. On the other hand, if you are running a full-scale bespoke host reselling service, integrate WHMCS for a completely automated solution. 

To Conclude

For all the budding web designers and web developers trying to make it big, adding Reseller Hosting services can ease your business operations to quite an extent. With such tools in place, you can focus on your business and clients without worrying about any manual intervention for day-to-day operations. 

We suggest you get an expert on board so that you can focus on getting ideal clients. You can trust ResellerClub with all your reseller hosting needs and contact us for any query or request a meeting for more information. We will be glad to help you out in your business.

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