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.DESIGN is an nTLD that’s perfect for design professionals, interior designers, websites, UX & graphic designers, etc. For people in such professions, a domain name ending with a .DESIGN extension looks professional on a business card or a flyer. The domain extension is unique, therefore making your customers’ domain name memorable. .DESIGN is already in use by premier organizations such as Facebook (facebook.design) and Airbnb (airbnb.design) to display their design work. While these two organizations use the domain name to showcase projects and share blog articles on UX and design, the domain extension could be used to hire talent in the design space, share ideas, etc.


Attractive: .DESIGN is unlike any other domain name. It’s professional and for a designer, speaks his profession exactly. It allows a designer to create a powerful yet elegant domain name.

Engaging: With a .DESIGN domain name, your customer can create an immediate connect with other designers, studios, departments and creative thinkers.

Recognizable: A .DESIGN domain name instantly puts your customer among the inner circle of artists and aspiring and professional designers. The domain extension speaks for itself and gives the domain owner a recognizable identity.

Available: Unlike other domain extensions that have been around for years, .DESIGN is new, fresh and therefore, available. Your customers can get the domain name of their choice without compromising.

Who is .DESIGN for?

.DESIGN is for:

  • Artists
  • Interior designers
  • UX & UI designers
  • Web designers
  • Architects
  • Design departments for brands
  • Fashion designers

The ResellerClub Advantage

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