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Boy, are we excited to have another BlueHost product on board with us. Yep, we’re proud to announce a new addition to the ResellerClub ecosystem. In our previous article we spoke about how we envision ourselves to be a one stop market-place for our customers. We shall continue to integrate more brands with our platform over time. Keeping that aside, let’s talk more about Dedicated servers powered by Blue Host and why it’s now a part of the ResellerClub ecosystem.

It goes without saying that Dedicated Servers ought to be reliable and resilient. They’re highly secure and pack a punch like no other in its league. Here are a few reasons for why Dedicated Servers powered by BlueHost are for you.

Why choose BlueHost Dedicated Servers?

  1. Extreme Speed – What’s better than having something tailor-made for you? Blue Host Engineers use the latest technology to offer the high-end servers custom-built for your requirements. Dedicated servers powered by BlueHost use open-source technology like OpenStack to offer you flexibility to upgrade performance over time
  2. Instant Provisioning – Your servers will be provisioned immediately unlike other dedicated solutions, which take several hours or days to activate
  3. RAID Storage – BlueHost uses only high quality storage with RAID level 1 support on their dedicated servers. The drives are completely mirrored, ensuring your data is extremely well secured
  4. Storage Upgrades – You can add hosting storage on the fly as you need it with BlueHost’s enhanced cPanel which allows you to increase available storage space in real time without the need for admin intervention
  5. Root Access – If you’re an advanced user looking for complete control over your server, BlueHost’s improved control panel offers complete access to CentOS
  6. Enhanced cPanel for a more ogranized experience Every dedicated configuration includes the option of our enhanced cPanel-based interface which makes it easy for you to manage all your websites, domains, emails, resources and more from one central location
  7. Free Domain Name – While purchasing the package you can either use an existing domain name or register a free domain name to use as a primary domain name. The free domain name can be registered from the following TLDs : .COM, .NET, .BIZ, .ORG, .INFO, .IN

You can have a look at the image below for more details:


bluehost dedicated on resellerclub globalbluehost dedi on ResellerClub blog

Key Highlights

  • Add-ons – SAN storage (500 GB, 1TB, 2 TB, 4TB), WHMCS and Dedicated IPs.
  • Hardware – We use power-saving SuperMicro blade servers, Intel Xeon processors, DDR3 RAM and 7200RPM SATA drives
  • Money Back Guarantee – We have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee period. You can contact your Account Manager for a refund post deletion

Please Note:

  • This product will not be available on your supersite, you will be able to purchase it only through the express cart

Looking for more details? You can have a look at our FAQ section for more details. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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