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Just like ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, it takes a team of dedicated resources to build and run a successful business. 

Owning and running a business means absolute dedicated efforts 24X7 to make sure everything runs smoothly and your customers or clients have the best experience doing business with you. It’s this dedicated hard work that allows you to scale and grow your business. Whether you start as a one-man army or have your team by your side, a growing business demands growth in every aspect  — manpower, time, efforts, tools, capital and a lot more. 

Nowadays creating an impactful online presence and being able to serve your customers digitally has become key to success. From e-commerce websites to service providers, every business and every industry is scaling their online efforts to keep up with their customer’s expectations of being available digitally.

As a new and small business, it’s easy to create a website and get online with Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting as the traffic is considerably low and your website data and resources are not very heavy or large at this stage. However, as your business grows, so does the traffic and your need for more resources. 

Keeping in mind the needs of a growing business in this era of digitalization, let’s understand why you must consider Dedicated Servers, the benefits of Dedicated Servers for a growing business and how it allows you to scale your online presence. 

Let’s start by understanding what are Dedicated Servers and their benefits. 

Decoding the Benefits of Dedicated Servers for Emerging Businesses 

The word ‘Dedicated’ in Dedicated Servers, or Dedicated Server Hosting, is what makes it the ideal choice for businesses that have reached a stage where the traffic and data received from their website is considerably high. While businesses typically start with a Shared or VPS Hosting plan, as traffic and need for resources grows, a more robust hosting plan becomes the next step towards growth. 

The server and all its resources are completely dedicated to supporting the growing needs of your business. This means that no other website resides on the same server as you or shares the resources with you. It’s your own dedicated space, thus more secure, more powerful and more customizable to suit your needs. 

This also means it’s more expensive as compared to other Web Hosting types where you may share servers and resources, thus also sharing the cost. However, for a growing business, it’s important to prioritise security and scale resources to be able to offer maximum output, and thus Dedicated Servers are an investment and a great one at that! 

With the right Dedicated Server Hosting plan, you get high performance SSD servers that power you website and Full Root access. SSD or Solid State Driver Hosting is a new-generation technology that is known for high durability, a greater capacity, high performance and low power consuming servers that make it ideal for growing websites.If you’re still not ready to get started with Dedicated Servers and wondering about the features and benefits, here’s a list of advantages that Dedicated Server Hosting brings in for growing businesses. 

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Servers don’t just come with a high processing power but also 100% of the server resources are allocated to you. All the server resources, including RAM, CPU, Disk Space etc, are dedicated to your website. 

Full Root Access

Full Root access means you have complete administrative control over your server. You can thus easily install any software of your choice to better your hosting experience and customize it to meet your website requirements. 

Continued Scalability

With continued efforts, it’s only natural that your business will only keep growing. From small to medium, to even a large business — dedicated servers support growth and allow you to easily scale. The resources and system hardware of a Dedicated Server can be scaled to meet your exact needs and business goals. 

Better Uptime

Dedicated Servers offer 99.99% uptime which means no matter how much or how rapidly your website traffic increases, the servers efficiently handle it and ensure your website is always up and running. 

Enhanced Security

With Dedicated Servers, you can guarantee better security and control over your security measures to keep your and your customer’s data safe and secure. You can ensure optimum security for your Dedicated Server. Since you get complete control over your server, you can choose the best security tools and software. Additionally, since the server is entirely dedicated to your website, threats because of other websites being vulnerable are minimized. 

Dedicate Your Efforts to Growth! 

Running a business is not easy! It takes immense efforts, a strive for excellence and continued measures to keep improving and keep growing. It’s not easy to manage it all or do it all by yourself — you need the right people, the right tools and the right systems to ensure error-free and hassle-free operations. 

Dedicated Server Hosting is one such ‘teammate’ every growing business needs right by its side. As your business grows, so do your needs for adequate resources. Dedicated Servers are specially built for growing businesses.

For more information, tips and hacks, head to our Servers Blog category. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to drop a comment below. 

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