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Imagine coming back home after a busy day at work, only to find your house robbed and all your valuables stolen! How could that happen? You put the biggest lock on the door!

Well, what about the windows? Did you make sure all entry points were locked? Did you install a surveillance system or an alarm that would alert authorities of a break-in? 

An unsecured Dedicated Server could be the home that got robbed because it wasn’t properly secured. The valuables are all the data you collect, and the thieves come in many shapes and sizes- malware, viruses, hackers, and more. 

Dedicated Server security is not an option, but a mandatory step to protect your business data, and ensure smooth functioning. With the rising number of cybersecurity risks, more and more businesses are looking for the best solutions on how to secure Dedicated Server. If you’re looking for the answers too, read on and learn the best ways to bump up the Dedicated Server security. 

Dedicated Server Security Risks 

Before we jump to the best security hacks for your Dedicated Server, let’s understand what we are protecting ourselves from. The most common Dedicated Server security risks include, but are not limited to:

  • Website security
  • Malware
  • Password Breach
  • DoS Attack

If you’re using or considering using a Dedicated Server Hosting, you already understand the need for security. Unlike Shared Hosting, a Dedicated Server offers complete control and tighter security measures. However, without implementing the right security measures, you can be at risk of a security breach. 

Ready to get started with a Dedicated Server and maximize security? 

Tips For Dedicated Server Security

Secure Dedicated Server protects your business from losing critical data to cyber thefts and hacks. As an online business, you collect a lot of sensitive and important data that allows you to efficiently run, as well as scale your business. Here are the top tips for Dedicated Server security you definitely want to include: 

Regular Updates

Technology is constantly evolving and techies are constantly adapting to it. This means your Dedicated Server will have regular updates that you need to bring in. We often skip or postpone updates, however, to maximize security for your Dedicated Server, check for and schedule regular updates. You may not need to install every update, but make sure that your current software does not become too old or redundant. 

Password Protected 

When you buy or set up a new Dedicated Server hosting plan, do not rely on default passwords. You must always change your password, keeping in mind the following tips to create a strong one:

  • Use a combination of upper and lower case letters and special symbols
  • Do not use words or dates that are related to your personal identity
  • Make it a point to change your password every 2-3 months
  • Run Checks and Scans

Run regular checks and scans to check for any vulnerabilities that may be causing harm or pose a risk to your security. Professional Hosting services must be able to provide you with the right software and tools to run security checks and scans. 

Take Backups

Data is valuable — make sure you don’t lose it! No matter how secure and protected your Dedicated Server is, always run regular data backups so you don’t lose any of the essential data. While it is important to protect yourself from malicious attacks and cyber threats, it’s advisable to prepare for the worst and maintain regular backups so you can retrieve your data in the event of an attack. 

Professional and Reliable Services

When it comes to choosing a hosting plan, always work with professional and reliable service providers to get the best of help and resources. A professional service provider will be able to provide you with the best solutions for Dedicated Server security, as well as other needs that you may have. A reliable service provider will be able to maximize your server security, and also be able to help you keep updated with the latest security measures.  

Get Secure Dedicated Hosting

At ResellerClub, we believe that security is the first step towards a secure and successful business. Our Dedicated Server hosting comes with the best security measures that ensure your website, business and data stay safe. 

Your customers rely on you and trust you with their personal data, it’s your job to keep that trust and ensure complete security. Every day there are new cases of cyber thefts and attacks — optimize your security measures before it’s too late. 

Just like your home, your online business needs the best security too!

To know more about server security, our hosting services, and other updates from the world of hosting head to our Hosting Blogs now. If you have a question, feel free to leave us a comment below. 

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