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With data stored in multiple locations, hosting servers and on several devices, loss of data at such a level could be very detrimental. Such a situation could put IT administrators in a fix. Providing a quick resolution to such an issue, recovering the data and minimizing the downtime is not that easy. Not all data can be recovered. Mistakes are bound to happen even by an IT administrator which could eventually lead to the loss of critical data. Even the most seasoned IT administrators must have come across these issues. Most of us have to face such emergencies and need to quickly decide on how to respond or proceed.

To reduce the likelihood of critical data loss when managing IT processes on hosting servers or others, avoid these common IT mistakes:

  • Hosting Server & Other Hardware Malfunction – Hardware and system malfunctions are most common causes of data loss resulting due to power failure, hosting system crash, or controller failure. To reduce the risk of hardware failure, it is important that you use an uninterrupted power supply and keep your devices in a protected environment.
  • No Backup – Failure to document IT and backup procedures could result in data loss. This happens when IT administrators are not sure about the amount of data received, especially when the server is new, and when they decommission a server which is still in use. If you do not have a backup plan, data loss is bound to occur.
  • Antivirus – Computer viruses can slow down your computer or delete credit card information. Failure to update the system with the latest antivirus or failure to update the software or OS due to time constraints could result in data loss eventually. Inefficiency in implementing the latest bug fixes and security patches can also pose a threat to the data.
  • Data Deletion – It is important to ensure that the data you delete is no longer in use. Verifying that the data is no longer in use prior to deletion is a must. Without proper backup strategy, recovery of data could involve reinstallation of programs and regenerating the data. Neglecting these measure could cause loss of data.
  • Security Policies – This is indeed a very common mistake. Even the smallest failure in IT security could lead to devastating results, including data loss. To avoid such issues, make sure only the system administrators have access to the passwords. In case, they leave the company, the passwords should be changed immediately.
  • Natural Disasters – Natural disasters are the most uncontrollable causes. Human intervention can’t help much under such circumstances. It is therefore important for you to minimize the risk of data loss by storing important data under cloud storage service. And, make sure you backup important data frequently and store them in a secure storage space to avoid data loss.

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