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Following up on the SuperSite article that Andrew posted, I will quickly brief you on customizing error messages that pop-up when a user performs an invalid action on the SuperSite.

Let’s say one of your customers tries logging into their account through the SuperSite and enters inaccurate login details. The error message that pops up in such a scenario can now be completely customized, to suit the brand image you want to portray.

All you need to do is, login to your SuperSite Admin Area and navigate to the ‘Website Content’ folder through the ‘Add/Modify Content and Themes’ section. Browse the link adjacent to the language you wish to make the modification. Here, you need to follow the path: ‘Common->Errors->error_messages_list.txt’. You can edit all the error messages in the subsequent page. Do not forget to save your changes once your done.

Note: You will have to repeat the above process if you have configured multiple languages for your SuperSite/PartnerSite. If you are not satisfied with the modifications and wish to revert to the text displayed earlier, simply follow the steps above. There you will have to copy the text from the left hand side to the textbox and click on Save Changes.

P.S. For more information on SuperSite customization, you can refer to our various SuperSite Knowledge Base articles.