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Resellers can now offer the option of Custom DLLs along with every Hosting Plan purchased by their Customers.

With the Custom DLL Registration included (as an optional purchase) in all our Hosting Plans, Reseller’s Customers can now register Custom DLL and OCX files instantly using the Control Panel.

The DLL manager included with the Windows Hosting package can be used for registering ActiveX DLLs, which may then be invoked in ASP scripts. Do not forget the DLL to be registered must be uploaded onto the DLL Directory.

Note: No need to register dotNET based DLLs, since dotNET DLLs do not need to be registered to work.
In addition to this, ASP upload and ASP mail DLLs have already been registered on all our servers absolutely free of charge.

What are DLLs?
A DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is a set of functions that can be loaded and executed dynamically by Windows applications. Quite often, a variety of applications require the same set of DLLs to perform particular operations, such as opening a window or saving a file. By having these DLLs stored separately and making them available to every application through a static or dynamic link, it helps in reducing storage space.

Custom DLLs can be purchased in a set of 5 along with any one of the Hosting Plans. The pricing for the Custom DLLs with be $0.7 per Custom DLL. Hence the price for 5 will be $3.5 across all Slabs.

Do keep in mind that you will need to set your DLL Customer pricing through the Reseller Control Panel.

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