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Ctrl+F5 in association with .BIZ and .CO took place on 2nd July at Hyatt Regency in Mumbai & what an event it was! Not only was the turnout excellent but the insights, learnings and take away were especially meaningful. If you were at the event, you probably agree but if you weren’t, we’d still like to share with you all that happened.

We opened registrations at 10am and by 11am, the hall was full for Ninad Raval’s session. Ninad (Director of Product &  Design, Directi) spoke on the topic ‘Design with Context’ covering a methodical approach to design to ensure every aspect of a given problem statement is factored into designing without compromises on aesthetics which is a common challenge for web designers. As Ninad put it, it is our ‘responsibility’ rather than our job as designers to do 3 things:

  • To cultivate empathy
  • To make peoples’ lives easy
  • To make a difference

It takes more than just a good idea, great engineering and a fantastic visual design for good UX. It’s important for us as designers to understand our users, their tasks and their context.

What defines the experience of a user for a product? – User needs & his context of use.

Session 2 was taken by Crystal Peterson (Director Registry Services, Neustar) whose session was titled ‘The Evolution of Naming’. When there are over 500 gTLDs to choose from and new ones cropping up daily, finding a domain name to fit your business and the right time to choose a name is a challenge.

Crystal Peterson talked about the evolution of the naming business and the importance of knowing how to recommend and build on the ‘non-com’ domains.


We broke for lunch & during our meal, we were able to meet with the speakers, professionals from different backgrounds and others from the design and development industry.

We resumed the sessions with Santosh Gannavarapu (Co-Founder, Sokrati) who gave us some great tips and curated hacks on Digital Marketing to help stay a step ahead of competition. Here are some key points he touched on:

  • 75% of SMEs rate marketing as the biggest challenege
  • Businesses online make 49% more revenues
  • SMEs is a large base of affinity and loyalty
  • If you show SMEs your value, they will be your customers for life

Some tips from him:

  • Make your website faster & more responsive
  • Have explicit calls-to-action

Simran Talreja (Product Manager, Endurance International Group) concluded the event with her session on ‘A Practical Approach to Design Thinking‘. Simran took us beyond concepts to practically understand ways to apply design thinking to our everyday work & be equipped with the right set of tools and approaches to build fantastic products for clients. Some highlights:

  • Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to solving problems and often times Innovating
  • Designers and developers are not just building technology but building solutions for human beings
  • The process: Empathize > Define > Ideate > Prototype > Test
  • Empathizing through observation, interviewing & experiencing
  • Idealization involves coming up with a variety of solutions
  • Prototyping involves visualizing your ideas
  • Testing involves trying out high-resolution versions of your prototypes


It’s hard to encapsulate all that happened at the event without all the pictures and so we’ve got the entire album here for you!

Ctrl+F5 2016, Mumbai

The event was a success & we thank those of you who were an instrumental part of it.

We leave you with short testimonials from those who attended the event from one of the three locations.


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