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Ctrl+F5 Hyderabad in association with .BIZ & .CO was our last WDD event of 2016, which made it all the more a day to remember. It was great to see a generous number of people join us at the Radisson Blu Hitec City. This was our second venture down south, and there was a lot to share and learn as well from our attendees.

Owing to the unprecedented response that we had received in Mumbai, Crystal & Simran took to Hyderabad as well with Aditee Rele and Ronak Samantray debuting our design and development summit. Let’s have a look at what went down at Ctrl+f5 Hyderabad.

1)Aditi Rele (Microsoft India): Intelligent Applications

ctrl+f5 Hyderabad 2016 resellerclub

Aditi Rele leads technical evangelism at Microsoft India. She says that today’s computers expect everything to be interconnected and everything to be personalized. She draws a stellar comparison between machine-centric (desktops) and human-centric (Mobile devices) and how we’re moving towards a new era of computing in which technology has a more humane approach.

What needs to be done?

We need to rethink human interaction by enabling it to have a more humane approach, just like having the 5 senses of the human body.

How can this be achieved?

  1. We need to take human emotions, gestures, facial expressions, tone of speech and integrate it with AI (natural interactions)
  2. By making technology should adapt to you (mobility of experience)
  3. Creating trust with users because this nature of computing is on a very personal level

“It’s not only about focusing on consumer applications and letting business applications in the back-seat. Intelligent applications should permeate through every industry.”

2) Crystal Peterson: The Evolution of Naming

crystal peterson ctrl+f5 hyderabad 2016 resellerclub

Crystal’s session kicked off at around 11 AM where she spoke about the evolution of the naming business and the importance of being at the forefront of learning how to recommend and build websites on the ‘non dot-coms’. She gave a brief history on domain names. When there are over 500 gTLDs to choose from and new ones cropping up daily, finding a domain name to fit your business and the right time to choose a name is a challenge. She also stated that naming with new gTLDs helps to create new marketing doorways.

We took a breather from 1PM to 2PM for lunch & during our meal, we were able to meet with the speakers, professionals from different backgrounds and others from the design and development industry.

3) Ronak Samantray – Kitsune: The Future of Business Website Design

Ronak samantray ctrl+f5 Hyderabad 2016 Resellerclub

“An average business changes its website once in 3 years in comparison to a social media platform where you get to fresh content every time you go back to it.”

That’s why businesses have adopted Facebook owing to freedom to personalize as well as the fact that each account (individual or business) is a separate entity.

Ronak spoke about how websites need to be versatile by having fresh content, the ability to share information on different platforms, shopping assistance, etc to cater the various needs of users.

4) Simran Talreja (Product Manager, Endurance International Group): Design Thinking

ctrl+f5 hyderabad 2016 simran talreja resellerclub

While design thinking has been abuzz for some time – in this session Simran went beyond concepts and helped our attendees to learn newer, more practical ways to apply Design thinking  to our everyday work. It was more of a group discussion and ideating method than a speaker session. Through this, Simran helped the attendees in learning how to equip themselves with the right set of tools and approaches of how to build great products for their clients.

Some highlights:

  • Design Thinking is a human-centric, it’s approach is lateral such that it helps in solving problems and often helps to innovate
  • Designers and developers are not just building technology but building solutions for human beings
  • The process: Empathize > Define > Ideate > Prototype > Test
  • Empathizing through observation, interviewing & experiencing
  • Idealization involves coming up with a variety of solutions
  • Prototyping means that you have to visualize your ideas
  • Testing involves trying out high-resolution versions of your prototypes

We were glad to have ended the year on such a strong note and are looking forward to meeting you next year at Ctrl+F5!

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