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Despite cut-throat competition from new entrants with deep pockets to spend on marketing and discounting, our Resellers have achieved a lot and grown remarkably to crack the Domains and Hosting market. It gives us immense pleasure to help our Resellers to make it big and to stay top of their game in such an environment! We’ve shared with you many success stories earlier and we add one more to this list – here’s a case study on one of our Resellers – Danish Wadhwa.

Case Facts

Company Name: GetSetLive

Company Website:

Founder and CEO: Danish Wadhwa

ResellerClub reseller since: 2009

The Beginning

Danish Wadhwa, an IT Engineer by profession took a keen interest in technology, computers and Hosting. He was very intrigued by the prospect of earning money online and his search led him to start a venture of his own in the Web Hosting industry.

Danish joined hands with ResellerClub in July 2009 and was thrilled to have found a platform that helped him grow at a furious pace and allowed him to offer a wide variety of products through a single, easy-to-use platform! He says “ResellerClub is the only reliable platform in the market that gives a leg-up to anyone who wishes to start a Domain and Hosting business.”

The Keys to GetSetLive’s success

Hard work is a pre-requisite to any success story, but when faced with daunting odds and an aggressive marketing plan, you need more. Danish has proved to be very resourceful at identifying niches where he can establish his competitive advantage and make it count.

What sets GetSetLive apart:

There are many things that help a Reseller make it big in the industry, here are a few factors and marketing methods that helped Danish to make his business a successful one.


  1. Affiliate Marketing

Taking a leaf out of the books of several established players, Danish focuses on Affiliate Marketing in a big way and this helps GetSetLive stay competitive in an industry where affiliate marketing accounts for over 50% of acquisition costs.

  1. Email Marketing

GetSetLive engages its leads and existing customer bases by regular emails with updates on price promotions, product launches, seasonal offers etc. This allows Danish to reach out to the entire base, especially those with who a personal outreach may not be possible.

  1. Blogs

Blogs play an essential role in building a positive online influence for a business. A blog post offers information that helps a customer to understand one’s business and it gets the customer to respect you as an expert in the industry. GetSetLive uses blogs as a marketing tool to attract new clients and customer and relies on it to also assist the search engine rankings of their storefront.

  1. SEO and Guest Posting

As SEO is critical for visibility Danish tweaks his SEO efforts to target his clientele carefully. GetSetLive uses Danish’s intimate knowledge of location, language and psychographic preferences of his target group. Using these he ensures that he is ranked higher than most competitors for a sizeable number of searches on common keywords. Danish also uses Guest Posting to drive a lot of traction to his company’s website as he can link back to his store while burnishing his reputation as a thought leader.

  1. Personal relation with client

Every business predominantly depends on a long-term relationship with its clients. It is very crucial to have a good rapport with clients as it is the key to success for your business. GetSetLive ensures that every touch-point with a customer – from a salesperson, support executive, to Danish himself always communicates with clients in a warm, friendly and supportive tone to establish that personal connect with them. A constant flow of useful information further helps them gain more loyal clients and customers.

  1. Referrals

GetSetLive encourages its existing customers to encourage their friends, family and acquaintances to purchase from them by incentivizing people to share their referral links. Further, they incentivize the referrer with discounts on their next purchase thereby creating a tightly knit community of brand advocates which generates a strong word of mouth marketing buzz. Danish says that leads from referrals have a much higher conversion rate which leads to higher bang for buck for his marketing spends!

The Way Ahead for GetSetLive

Danish Wadhwa believes that ResellerClub empowers him to grow as the market evolves and enhances the existing products periodically thereby enabling him to keep his customers happy. He is very excited about the new products that we have launched and says that ResellerClub has made his Hosting Business a pleasure to manage.

We asked him what he expects over the next few years and Danish says, “5 years from now ResellerClub will be on the top of everything in the Hosting Business. If ResellerClub keeps bringing the kind of products and services they’ve been introducing these past few years, then no one will be able to beat ResellerClub and Resellers like me. I have witnessed a tremendous growth last year and I want to be the best reseller for RC for the years to come!”


We are extremely proud to have been a part of Danish’s success story and we wish him all the best for the future. We hope that this story inspires you to grow your hosting business and take it to the next level.

If you’ve already got your own success story, share it with us and we may just feature it here!