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If the security and privacy of your customers is important to you, then using SSL certificates should be on top of your priority list. Safeguarding your website helps you create trust in your business by offering an identity proof to your customers online. This kind of security gives your customers the confidence that no private information will be tapped online and that all the online transactions they make are secure with trustworthy Secure Server Certificates.

Why Comodo?

Comodo SSL Certificate is one of the most trusted Secure Server Certificates that provides more security to your customers as compared to any leading Certificate Authority. This is because Comodo delivers top-notch desktop security to around 2 million new users every month, without any charges. Comodo is a distinguished SSL Certificate Authority offering a wide range of low-cost SSL certificates such as Enterprise SSL, Premium SSL, Instant SSL, Litessl, Pro SSL, Intranet SSL, Wild Card SSL and Free SSL.

Without the right tools your Website isn’t trusted

Thousands of new viruses and Trojans keep popping up on the Web every single day. These viruses have the ability to harm millions of Websites and breach internet security and trust. If you’re in an internet business, it is critical for you to restore this trust. All thanks to Comodo, it offers you the right tools you need to regain your customer’s trust. The SSL Certificates authenticate individual identity, companies, websites as well as content.

Cyber-terrorists are usually impersonators. They survive on deception. Authentication is the heart of Internet Security and Trust. Authentication confirms that a certain individual, business, or website is genuine.  Businesses can help build trust when visitors, software publishers, businesses, or websites are authenticated. This process makes sure that no critical information has been tampered with.

Trust can be rebuild when Hackers or the viruses and Trojans they bring into existence are scotched. It can help boost the success of any online businesses and facilitate secure online interactions. And, Comodo makes this possible with ease.

Comodo SSL Certificate create trust online

Comodo has been providing authentication for thousands of websites across the globe. Most customers are aware that websites that are concerned about protecting online identity and transactions make use of recognized Secure Server Certificates. The award-winning desktop security, Comodo, is one of the most trusted service that can provide better security to your customers than any other source.

Comodo is one of the leaders in the SSL Certificate industry being the conceiver of the Certificate Authority / Browser Forum (CA/B Forum) – a group of Certificate Authorities and browser providers that established guidelines and implementation processes for the Extended Validation (EV). Comodo High Assurance Certificates make use of patented technology including Corner of Trust logo which provides customers with web identity assurance. When you analyse SSL Certificate issued by Comodo and compare it with others certificates, you will realize that Comodo offers the most cost-efficient secure server certificate with 99.9% browser recognition, thereby meeting all the basic requirements of Internet security.

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