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While other Registrars have started informing their Resellers about the .COM price hike, we are offering you a Promotion to save big bucks before it

We are thrilled to announce the .COM SUPER PROMO: A chance to register .COM Domains @ Zero Markup ($7.04) for all new Registrations!

More about the offer:

  • The price of $7.04 is inclusive of all costs
  • It is applicable for ALL years of Registrations
  • Promo Period – 6 days only! From the 25th of May, 12:30 UTC to the 31st of May, 12:30 UTC

What’s in it for you?

With the Registry price hike right around the corner, the prices for .COM Domains will increase. While there is little we can do about it, this Promotion will be a great time to save money. Grab this opportunity to register Domains for multiple years at ZERO MARKUP and boost sales by giving your Customers a chance to save big bucks before the hike!

Important Promo Details:

  • This promo is offered to you through the ResellerClub Promo Engine. To avail of the special pricing of $7.04 on .COM Domains, you need to set your Selling Price in the Promo Engine to not more than $11.00 for Customers and Resellers. If you do not wish to pass on the promo and set a Selling Price that is higher than $11.00, your Cost Price will be your regular Slab Based Pricing. For any further clarifications, please refer to our KnowledgeBase.
  • This Promo is applicable to ALL years of Registration.
  • Renewals and Transfer-Ins will not attract this Promo Pricing.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of Domains that can be Registered during this period.
  • The Promo Ends on the 31th of May, 2010.

Join us in celebrating the 25th anniversary of .com by saving on your next .com. There’s no better way to start the next 25 years than with a great deal—so don’t miss this one.