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As you may already know, the process for adding a .CO contact is not the same as other Domain Name extensions such as .COM, .NET, .ORG etc. .CO requires a .CO contact to be added in the same way that you would for .EU/.UK Domains.

On the SuperSite, we have already implemented an automated process for .CO contact creation; however, API users need to make a couple of modifications for .CO Registrations.

Resellers using the API need to make two calls:

  1. Create a .CO type contact
  2. Register the .CO Domain Name using the .CO contact ID (obtained through the previous step)

Here are a few sample URL’s for the same –

1. Create a .CO type contact:

Note: The parameter Type will need to be passed as CoContact, unlike other contacts where you pass it as Contact.


2. To Register .CO Domain Names:

For any questions, get in touch with our API specialist at api@resellerclub.com.

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