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We’ve got one more reason for you to actively market .CO Domains to your customers. Starting from 00:00 GMT on the 6th of February, we’ll be offering you a whopping 60% discount on .CO Domains for a week. You’ll therefore be able to avail of .CO Domains at only $9.99 till 23:59 GMT on 12th February, 2011.

As per the guidelines we’ve received from the .CO Registry, to be eligible for this Promo, Resellers would have to do the following for the duration of the Promo:

  • Promote .CO on the Homepage of your Website
  • Make sure that .CO is listed as the first or second TLD in the search area or Domain Name Availability Options
  • List .CO as the first or second TLD in the search results after a Customer performs a Domain Availability search
  • Set your selling Price for Customers and Resellers to not more than $19.99

To avail of this incredible Promo, you will have to follow the above guidelines. Once you have modified your website to display and promote .CO at the places mentioned above you can set the Promo in the Promo Engine. For more information on setting a Promo in your Promo Engine, you can take a look at our knowledgebase or get in touch with us and we’ll get it set up for you in a jiffy.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Your Selling Price for Customers and Resellers should not be more than $19.99
  • This price is only applicable to 1st year .CO Registrations
  • It does not apply to Renewals and Transfer-Ins
  • There are no restrictions on the number of Domains that can be Registered during this period.

There are less than 3 days to go for the 7 day Price Slam! Hope you have a great .CO week.