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Owning and running a business means you’re always looking for better tools, advanced solutions, efficient strategies and exceptional plans that secure a better tomorrow. 

While we may have grown up saying we’re on cloud (nine!), today we really are! 

Being on the cloud has a different meaning today; and one that shows you are progressive, futuristic, and understand the need to grow with technology. 

So what is Cloud Hosting and how does it work? Long story short, Cloud Hosting hosts all your business resources — databases, files, networks, software, storage space, server etc — on the internet. Which means, that instead of relying on your hard drive to keep all your resources secure, you keep everything secure on the internet. This is the biggest advantage and element that makes Cloud Hosting security the most vouched for. 

If you’re not a tech-geek (like me!), think of it this way. Your hard drive is a physical component that can easily be harmed, stolen, attacked, or simply stop functioning. However, the internet is a virtual space that does not ‘break’ or stop existing for any reason — if that happens it’s honestly a much bigger problem that the world will face! 

So what does Cloud Hosting security mean for your business? And, how does Cloud Hosting guarantee data security? Let’s find out. 

Protect Your Business With Cloud Hosting Security

If you’re considering moving to Cloud Hosting, the most important and the first thing you need to do is understand how to choose the right cloud service provider for your business. While secure Cloud Hosting can help you grow and protect your business, working with the right service provider who understands your exact needs, your business requirements and offers a tailor-made experience is crucial to success. 

Here’s how secure Cloud Hosting guarantees growth for your business: 

Data Protection

Securing your data is and must be, the top priority for your business. According to a Forbes report, in the past 10 years over 300 data breaches have led to the theft of over 100,00 records. With increasing cases of data breaches, it is essential to take the highest measures to protect and secure your business data. Cloud Hosting bumps up security measures for critical and crucial data, thus allowing you greater security. 

Flexible Scaling

Secure Cloud Hosting is the perfect solution to raise security levels when scaling up. When experiencing a surge in traffic on your website you may be at potential risk of a crash, however, with Cloud Hosting you have the flexibility to scale up security measures during this time to ensure smooth continuity.  


The fact that you can control when you need to increase or decrease security measures on the Cloud also brings in greater control to your business security. Secure Cloud Hosting brings with it multiple applications and features that increase controls to maintain continuity and protection. 

DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks are not uncommon, but with Cloud Hosting you have a better chance at complete security as there are higher levels of checks, absorption and scattering of attacks to minimize the threat. 


Professional Cloud Hosting services are regulatory compliant, allowing you to smoothly run your online business. It manages and preserves compliant infrastructures that safeguard critical and sensitive data. 

Trust In The Best

At ResellerClub we understand that Cloud Hosting is the way to a future-secure business. Our secure Cloud Hosting plans are keeping in mind the different needs of different businesses. With 99.9% uptime to complete support and many more advantages, we have helped many businesses move to the cloud, grow and achieve success. 

Are you ready to move to the cloud too? If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. To know more, and stay updated, head to our Hosting Blog Category.

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