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We have made changes to our Promos Page i.e. the Hot Deals page,  on the SuperSite. The Hot Deals page contains details of the promotions on offer through the Promo engine.

These changes will automatically reflect on your SuperSite as long as you have not modified the respective files. In case you have modified this page, our update will not reflect on your SuperSite and you will need to compare the updated copies of these files with your modified/translated ones and substitute the relevant code.

The following file has been modified: Promos.html
Note: The contents of the table, shown on the above link, will be filled in automatically by the Promo Engine when you sign up for a Promo.

The modified files can be found in your SuperSite Admin Interface from the following path:
Manage Site (from your SuperSite Language) -> Edit/Translate Website Content -> Promos -> Promos.html

You will need to reload cache once you make these changes. In case you require any assistance whatsoever, please feel free to contact your Account Manager, or drop in a mail at