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Changing Primary Domain name on Single Domain Hosting (SDH) & Multi- Domain Hosting (MDH) packages is now live!! The flow is similar to Reseller Hosting and has been built on the same framework.

Before delving into what changes have been made, let us first have a brief look at what SDH and MDH are.

SDH stands for Single Domain Hosting while MDH stands for Multi- Domain Hosting. SDH and MDH are Shared Hosting Packages. In Shared Hosting, multiple websites share the same server space therefore reducing the cost per hosting. This is perfect for beginners and is one of the popular plans that many new website owners opt for. It has a great user interface and two of the widely used control panels are DirectAdmin and cPanel.

Now that we are clear on what is SDH and MDH, let us move to understanding the updated flow:

Before the Update MDH
After the Update

As we can see, before the changes were incorporated, the ‘Change Domain’ tab was not present in the cPanel.
Steps to Change Primary Name:
1. Login into your Orderbox
2. Click on the domain whose primary domain you wish to change
3. You reach Manage Order (domain name) page
4. Here you will find the details of the above screenshot listed under Single/Multi Domain Hosting
5. Click on Change Domain and follow the steps.

I. Once you click on Change Domain, it pops up another window pops up informing you of what would be modified should you choose to change your Primary Domain.

II. Since you have decided to change your domain name -now, click on the ‘Change Domain’ button. Once you click this button another window will open asking to you enter the new changed domain name.

III. Now enter the new domain name in the text box specifying you to “Enter new domain name”

IV. Click Save

V. Next move to the top and you see the dropdown Actions, click on ‘Current Actions’ this lists all your current actions as shown below.

VI. Finally you can login to your Control Panel and see the changes reflected in it.

Should you as a reseller or a customer, feel the need to change your domain name at any point of time, instead of deleting you can now change it with this new feature. The change process is fairly simple and all you need to do is follow the steps properly and you’ll have a new domain name.

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