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For 10 years .BIZ has been the ideal choice for small businesses looking to get online, with over 2.2 Million .BIZ Domains registered till date.

Neustar, the .BIZ Registry, has been celebrating the 10 year anniversary by recognizing and sharing the success of various small businesses that rely on .BIZ for their online presence.

Through this initiative, anyone can submit their own .BIZ success story and get their business listed in the .BIZ directory!

Over the past couple of months, we too have been celebrating the .BIZ anniversary with one of our best .BIZ Promos yet – .BIZ Registrations at just $4.89!

Are you making the most of it?

We’ve received a fantastic response for this Promo over the last two months, with some Resellers increasing the number of .BIZ Registrations they do, by as much as 85%!

This promo is available till the 31st of May and here are a few tips on how you can take advantage of this promo and maximize .BIZ Registrations:

  • Let your Existing Customers know: For a promo such as this, with over 50% off on Registrations, just creating awareness will help markedly increase the number of Registrations.In this case, your Control Panel can be used as a marketing tool with the ability to easily send HTML Mails and Set announcements for all your Customers.
  • Send Regular Reminders: With 1.5 months to go, sending regular reminders to your Customers will also help increase conversions, especially as the promo draws to a close.
  • Include .BIZ Branding on your SuperSite and Control Panel: Just by adding .BIZ Banners to your SuperSite Homepage as well as the Control Panel Header & Footer you make sure your Customers don’t miss out on this incredible promo!

You can get started with your marketing efforts with these .BIZ Banners and this Video. If you’d like any more help marketing .BIZ, you can contact your Account Manager or just leave a comment below.

Do you think this .BIZ Promo will help you increase Registrations? What steps do you take to make the most of Domain Name Promotions?

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