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Remember all those sci-fi futuristic movies? There was always this one man, a scientist or a tech wiz, who would sit in a room full of screens and control everything that goes on. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Your cPanel may not come with a room full of screens, but the powers, benefits and multiple functions it brings for your Reseller Hosting Account — you can be (at least feel like) that tech…

We at ResellerClub believe in providing the best quality service and excellence to you, our resellers. At ResellerClub, we’ve partnered with over 2,00,000 resellers all around the world to enable them to flourish in their businesses through our products and services. Over the past few years, we’ve published stories of our resellers in their own words to let you, the readers know about them, as well as, help budding businesses gain insights from their experience.…