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We are stoked to announce the launch of Shared Hosting from one of the world’s largest Hosting brands, HostGator on our platform. As we look to service Web Designers & Developers on our platform better, we realize that your clients have very specific requirements and they may be particular about the choice of hosting that powers their websites. Hence we are attempting to integrate more brands, more products that you can then offer to your clients from the comfort of our platform.

HostGator needs no introduction and over the years, they’ve served customers ranging from individual freelancers to various large companies across more than 200 countries. Their cuddly mascot, Snappy is a rockstar in his own right and is he a cool guy, sample this!

Buying and managing a HostGator product just got easier as a result of our partnership with HostGator. Shared hosting by HostGator is now integrated with the ResellerClub platform which means that you can directly purchase it from your ResellerClub account – but this will be possible ONLY on the ExpressCart or directly off the ResellerClub website! This will surely empower you with a top-class HostGator hosting experience along with the ease of managing orders from a single Control Panel.

Why choose Shared Hosting by Hostgator?

  • Incredible Pricing – You can get pricing advantages through our exclusive partnership
  • Effortless Management Imagine the convenience of having to manage all products under a single ecosystem
  • Host Gator Brand Value – Give your customers the guarantee and reliability of one of the world’s largest web hosting provider

For more details, have a look at the image below:


Buy Hostgator Shared on ResellerClub

Please Note:

  • This product will not be available on your supersite, you will be able to purchase it only through the express cart


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