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At ResellerClub, we’re constantly innovating to help improve your customer experience & boost your business. In the light of that, we’re proud to announce custom made combo plans (a.k.a bundles) to help your customers get their websites online!

What are Combo Plans?

Product Bundles or Combo Plans are discounted offers on our most popular products packaged together to help you drive your business. The Product Bundles are combinations of Domain names, Single Domain Hosting, Website Builder and Business Email packages.

You can get a package complete with Hosting, E-mail and Domain (COM/ NET/ IN/ONLINE) for an unbelievable price of just $1.49!

Combos Plans Available

Here are the combos you can choose from:







API Integration & SuperSite Changes

You can find the new API calls here and SuperSite changes here.

Fastest Finger First Contest

No launch as big as this is fun without a few giveaways, prizes & contest. We concur. That is why we have we’re offering the first 100 combos absolutely free of cost!

How does the contest work?

Step 1: On 30th November, you will receive an e-mail once the Combo plans are available on OrderBox which is your cue to start purchasing.

Step 2: Go ahead & purchase the combo of your choice.

Step 3: If you are among the first 100 buyers of the combos, you will receive your first bundle absolutely free of cost! If you have purchased multiple combos, you will still only receive the first combo free.

How will the fastest buyers be identified?

By the timestamp on your invoice.

How will you receive your free combo?

You will receive  a credit note with the equivalent purchase amount of the first combo within 7 working days.

For all Combo Plans related queries, do take a good look at our website page. If you’ve got queries for us, please do leave them in the comments section below & we’ll be happy to answer you!

Go ahead & start offering combo packages to your customers! Bundles will be available on the SuperSite on 30th November, 2015!

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